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Millie Bobby Brown looks so much like Ariana Grande in her latest TikTok

Millie Bobby Brown

Millie Bobby Brown Updates: Millie Bobby Brown has had a roller coaster ride of a year with experimentation especially when it comes to hair and makeup.

She tried her hand in latest trends from, cropped blonde vibes to long extensions, high – glam makeup to super natural looks.

In a yet another experiment by Millie Brown on Tik Tok depicted the slick pony/ side- part combo, paired with smoky eyes and heavy lashes.

And when she turned to sides as the part of the choreography, glimpse of caramel and blonde hair can be seen through her sky- high brunette pony.

In her recent Tik Tok video Mille was performing a dance, looking super confident and even pulling some serious expressions to a much delight to her fans who were quick to shower her with the compliments, one of two of those compliments hinted her resemblance to Ariana Grande in the video.

Millie Bobby Brown Tik Tok

Millie Bobby Brown
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While some fans were in delight to see her back on Tik Tok other set of fans were distracted by the fact the Millie had hidden her Tik Tok username from the display – stating to time when Millie went on to delete her Tik Tok back in December last year, speculation and theories were formed by the fans whether she wanted to keep the profile public or private flooded in the comment section, with certain fans criticising those trying to track down her new Tik Tok account.

Millie was amongst the big names on Tik Tok where she regularly performed dances and engaged in viral challenges. Millie often featured her Stranger Things co-star, Noah Schnapp in her videos as well, the reason for Millie to delete her Tik Tok account is not sure but the fans were happy as she is back on the social media platform and are glad that she has found a balance between public and private life which works for her.