Robert Downey Jr. to Return as Iron Man?

Rumors have been saying that Robert Downey Jr. aka RDJ will be back in his much famous role as Iron Man. Although these are all rumors, it has made the fans of RDJ as well as of Avengers super excited.

Has Robert Downey reacted to them yet? What is the probability that RDJ can actually come back as Iron Man in upcoming Marvel projects? Read the article further to know more.

Is It Really Possible?

Robert Downey Jr.

When MARVEL CINEMATIC UNIVERSE decided to kill one of its most liked Avengers, Iron Man, the fans watching Avengers: Endgame went all teary-eyed.

It was the end of a 10+-year-old saga that started with Iron Man, the first movie of MCU Phase One.

This movie is regarded as the first stone in the establishment of such a successful movie studio for Marvel as we see it today.

The movie Iron Man came after a series of flops such as Ben Affleck‘s Daredevil and Elektra. That is why the character of Tony Stark, played by RDJ has such a special place in every MCU fan’s heart.

Marvel Studios took a risky decision to kill its highest-rated superhero. But, it was the greatest tribute that a filmmaking studio can give to its character. And even though Tony Stark is dead, he can surely come back. How? Here’s the answer.

MCU has from time to time mentioned that Marvel Comics is a multiverse world. This means that the possibility of re-casting the same actor again and again, for the same role, is never off the table. This means that yes, RDJ can re-appear as our favorite Iron Man.

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When Will Robert Downey Jr. Reappear?

Robert Downey Jr.
Showbiz Cheat Sheet

According to rumors, Robert Downey Jr. can make his appearance once again in Marvel’s Avengers: Secret Wars which is going to release in 2026.

Before that, Avengers: Kang Dynasty is all set to release in 2025. But the insiders have reportedly told various entertainment outlets that RDJ will appear as Iron Man in Secret Wars rather than in Kang Dynasty.

Not only this, the source shared that there have been talks to bring RDJ as Tony Stark in Armor Wars as well. Even though there hasn’t been an official release date for Armor Wars, you can expect it to arrive in 2024.

Official news from MCU is still awaited. It’s very possible that Marvel won’t let this exciting news leak. That is why you’ll have to wait for a year or two to see your favorite superhero on screen again.