Kylie Jenner Seen In Leather Jacket As Planned to Spend New Year In Aspen!

Kylie Jenner was seen wearing a leather jacket and mini dress while being out in Aspen. We have seen how celebrities are enjoying their holiday. They have enjoyed Christmas with all love and that’s the reason why they are also looking toward the new year time.

Some has decided to go with family and friends at home while other have decided to go on vacation. If we talk about vacations then a lot of celebrities are making headlines related to it with their amazing moment at the place and also with their fashion that they have opted for that place.

Something like this has recently been seen with the reality star Kylie Jenner as she was looking beautiful in her leather jacket. The 25-year-old was prepared for the winter as she was seen doing some shopping on Friday.

She has decided to stay in Aspen and celebrate her new year there. Apart from her leather jacket, she also came with a white fur neckline and sleeves. She was also wearing a mini dress of black.

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Here you can check out Kylie Jenner’s outfit for New Year’s morning Shopping.

Kylie Jenner

Coming to the outfit then she was looking beautiful as ever in black boots. Kylie Jenner has also opted for a black purse while going shopping. On that particular day, she was seen in a very amazing look in front of a bookshelf wallpaper. She was leaning on the wall and giving several poses for her Instagram photo.

It was just a few weeks ago when she was spotted with her sister Kendall Jenner. Kylie Jenner opted for again leather jacket but a brown color that reached the ground.

It was a very simple outfit but yet very mesmerizing as she came with blue Denim. When it comes to the way she has celebrated her Christmas then she matches it with her 4-year-old daughter.

Kylie Jenner celebrated it with all family and one can see her matching her gown with her daughter. Her makeup was also on point. When it comes to her son then she has yet not revealed the face or even the name of the baby.

Most of the fans thought that she would choose Christmas as the occasion to reveal the name of the baby however, it went the opposite.