Cardi B In Legal Trouble Due to Marge Simpson Halloween Costume

Cardi B, the famous pop singer, is known for 2 things, her music, and over-the-top controversies. She tries to remain in the limelight by doing everything boldly. Be it her music, dress, or way of living life, Cardi has been well known to be the queen of being something that others fear to be.

But this time, she might have landed herself in legal trouble. Cardi B might be facing a lawsuit regarding her 2022 Halloween costume. What is it about? Is Cardi in trouble? Let’s find out.

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What Cardi B Did?

Cardi B posted a picture on Instagram in which she is dressed as Marge Simpson’s look inspired by one of the iconic looks of Thierry Mugler. Check out the post here.

Cardi B can be seen as Marge Simpson covered by Thierry Mugler’s iconic look. She’s even carrying the facial look of Marge. Her eyes are covered with blue liner and her hair is going all curvy tower mode, just like an authentic Marge Simpson look.

Although she looks quite stunning and perfectly dressed up, her look has attracted a lawsuit.

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What Actually Happened?

The credit for creating the look that Cardi B wore goes to Artist aleXsandro Palombo as a part of his Marge Simpsons Style Iconic Series. Palombo has allegedly targeted Cardi B regarding stealing his iconic look.

Palombo has hired an attorney, Claudio Volpi, to run the case. Claidio Volpi, who specializes in intellectual property law, has accepted the case.

Tension arose when Volpi sent an official notice to pop icon Cardi B on the grounds of basic copyright infringement of aleXsandro Palombo’s creation.

The notice said,

“Cardi B has illegitimately appropriated the work of aleXsandro Palombo for mere business purposes in defiance of the most elementary rules on copyright and Instagram policies, with the consequent serious risks, both of compensation and of discredit for her public image,”

The thing that Cardi must be relieved about is that Claudio Volpi has not yet filed a lawsuit against her. He issued an official notice, not just to Cardi B, but also to Craig Kallman, who’s the chairperson of Atlanta Records, to Kollin Carter, who’s responsible for styling Cardi for the Marge Simpsons’ look, and to Jora Frantzis, who clicked the pictures that Cardi posted on her Instagram.

Cardi has yet to reply to the official notice. Let’s see what happens ahead.