Cardi B And Offset Introduced McDonald’s Valentine Order Through Super Bowl Commercial!

Cardi B and Offset have bought signature McDonald’s meals with the theme of a Super Bowl commercial for Valentine’s Day. We have seen how Super Bowl has gained a lot of attention in the past few days and weeks.

Whether it is related to the performance of singers or related to the appearance of some celebrities, everything was highlighted and noted in the news.

One cannot forget about some commercial that has the theme of Valentine’s which was appreciated not just by the fans but also by celebrities.

The same happened with the rapper Cardi B and Offset. The couple surprised their fans with a new commercial for McDonald’s. It was all related to the Super Bowl of 12 February 2023 and its commercial.

For this commercial, the couple was seen showing their love for each other by having McDonald’s valentine’s order.

Besides this commercial, it was also announced that they both would be the latest star to have signatures on the meal McDonald’s. This unique meal would be available on Valentine’s Day for the public.

In this video, Cardi B and Offset were seen holding hands while sitting opposite each other on the table. They were indeed looking beautiful together while sitting there as if a perfect date is going on.

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Here you can check out the posts shared by Cardi B and Offset.

Followed by this commercial was the tweet from McDonald’s. They have introduced the couple to the meal which is coming on 14 February 2023.

It was not long ago when the rapper opened up about being emotional whenever Super Bowl comes around. She also confessed how her life is getting busy with the world and how they love to spend time together with children and family members

Cardi B has called her husband a best friend. Offset is also happy that their family would be loving this commercial because he loves working with his wife. This commercial was one of the ways through which they became quite close in the eyes of the public.

Talking in specific about the meal then it will have a quarter pounder followed by a cheeseburger and a coke. There would be also an apple pie with a large fry and a large Hi-C.

Super Bowl 2023 was indeed the talk of the town as Rihanna got all the attention. She has not just performed one of the amazing performances of the night but also revealed her pregnancy.

The singer is expecting her second child with the rapper A$AP Rocky who was really happy to see her perform on the stage.