Firefly Lane Season 2: Tully and Kate’s Promise?

As we are about to enter the month of Christmas really very soon Netflix has already prepared its list of series that it is going to be releasing in December 2022. One of those series is Firefly Lane Season 2 which is going to be released in two halves.

The story of season 2 of the series in the same way as season 1 is going to be based on a novel written by the US author Kristin Hannah which is titled, Firefly Lane.

The story revolves around two best friends and how they tackle the obstacles coming in their professional and personal lives. And at the same time how they will be managing to continue their friendship with each other.

The first season of Firefly Lane premiered on 3rd February 2021. And it received the kind of mixed reviews from the critics as well as the viewers.

So to know more about Firefly Lane Season 2 keep reading this article till the end!!!

Release date of Firefly Lane Season 2:

Firefly Lane Season 2

As mentioned above Season 2 will be released in two different parts on two different dates. So we are here to tell you the release schedule of both parts of Firefly Lane Season 2.

Part 1 of Firefly Lane Season 2 is going to be premiered on 2nd December 2022 which is Friday.
Also, Part 2 of Firefly Lane season 2 will be released in early or mid-2023.

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How many episodes are going to be there in part 1 and part 2 of Firefly Lane Season 2?

Firefly Lane Season 2

• Part 1 of Firefly Lane Season 2 which is going to be released on 2nd December 2022 will include 9 episodes.

• Part 2 of Firefly Lane Season 2 will include 7 episodes.

That means in totality season 2 of Firefly Lane will be having 16 episodes.

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What is going to be the plot of Firefly Lane Season 2?

Firefly Lane Season 2

We have already told you that the story of the series tells us about the friendship of two friends who are continuing their friendship for the past many decades.

In Firefly Lane Season 2 we will be knowing the reason which is responsible for ending the tight-knit 30-year friendship between Tully and Kate ( the two protagonists of the story).

One of the two protagonists Kate must grapple with the painful aftermath of Johnny’s ill-fated and unfortunate trip to Iraq. On the other hand, Tully will be facing a lawsuit after she walked away from one of her talk shows, and will be starting her career over from the bottom again.

Tully will be uncovering some secrets about her family issues as well.

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Who will be there as cast members in Firefly Lane Season 2?

Firefly Lane Season 2

There is no official announcement regarding the cast members of the series but we know that the two leading ladies will be surely back because the show can’t be happening without them.

• Katherine Heigl in the role of (Tully Hart)
• Sarah Chalke in the role of (Kate Mularkey)
• Ali Skovbye in the character of (Young Tully)
• Roan Curtis in the character of (Young Kate)
• Ben Lawson Hindi character of (Johnny Ryan)

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