Emily in Paris Season 3 Date Announcement, and Everything We Know

A new season of Netflix’s rom-com series ‘Emily in Paris is coming at the end of this year and we know it will bring more romantic complications, more style, and definitely more Paris.

When the series first arrived, its objective was to make the audience gape at the very colorful and fashionable approach of the series, set and filmed in The City of Light.

After two seasons of successful running, the new series is sure to bring its charm again as Emily is now facing the love triangle in which she is the center.

What We Saw in ‘Emily in Paris’ Season 1:

Emily in Paris Season 3

The first season introduced a college graduate of America Emily Cooper, who has a Master’s degree in marketing and moves to Paris after crashing an unexpected job opportunity.

Her job is to bring an American point of view to the marketing firm in France. But Emily’s absolute inexperience with French culture, language, and customs makes it a lot harder for her to progress in her workplace and adjust to French expectations.

Amidst this love and romance enter her life coupled with complications and heartbreak. Emily also makes a good friend in Paris- Mindi and Camille, who later being the girlfriend of Emily’s love interest Gabriel.

And Continuing with the Season 2:

Emily in Paris Season 3
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The second season more elaborately discusses the love triangle involving Emily, Gabriel, and Camille and the complicated relationship in which the three are involved with each other.

Near the end of the season Emily, now tired of all the Gabriel and Camille drama, meets an Englishman in her French language class. Season 3 will bring the old characters together and make Emily choose between Gabriel and the newly met Alfie.

Cast Members of ‘Emily in Paris’:

Emily in Paris Season 3
British American actress Lily Collins played the now familiar face of the titular Emily Cooper in ‘Emily in Paris’. Before being cast in the series, she starred in Amazon studio’s ‘The Last Tycoon’, adapted from the last book of F. Scott Fitzgerald.

She also played as the primary character in BBC’s mini-series ‘Les Misérables’. Some of the films in which she acted are ‘The Blind Side, ‘Mirror Mirror, ‘Abduction’, ‘The English Teacher, ‘The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones, ‘Extremely Wicked, Shockingly Evil and Vile’, ‘Tolkien’ etc.

French model and actor Lucas Bravo portrays the role of the attractive French chef Gabriel. Bravo previously acted in the films Mrs. Harris Goes to Paris’, ‘And a ticket to Paradise and has an upcoming movie ‘The Honeymoon’ in his queue.

Emily’s first friend in Paris Mindy Chen who supports and helps Emily in adjusting to French life is played by American actress Ashley Jini Park. She played the role of Gertie Covington in the period drama of 2022- ‘Mr. Malcolm’s List.

She also starred in the recurring role of Ashley in Meredith Scardino’s musical comedy ‘Girls5eva’ and will be seen starring in Netflix’s upcoming comedy-drama ‘Beef’.

The role of Camille, Gabriel’s girlfriend, is played by French model and actress Camille Razat. She first rose to prominence after playing Lea Morel in the French political thriller ‘The Disappearance’.

The new love interest of Emily, the English banker from her French language class, Alfie was first introduced in the second season and served as a recurring character.

In Season 3 this will turn into a primary character. The character is played by British actor Lucien Laviscount who previously starred in the tv series ‘Grange Hill’, ‘Coronation Street, season six of ‘Waterloo Road’, ‘Scream Queens’ and as a main cast member in ‘Snatch’ and ‘Katy Keene’.

Date Announcement Video on YouTube:

On September 24, 2022, Netflix release date announcement video for season 3 which also gives a teaser for the new season. The video shows Emily introspecting over what she calls the hardest choice of her life and the faces of Gabriel and Alfie pop in the background.

Clearly, the video alludes to what the primary plot line of the third season is going to be. So, whether a viewer is team Gabriel or teams Alfie, they are going to get a much happening in season 3.

Also, near the end of the video, Emily is seen cutting the front of their hair making bangs that hint that she’s starting afresh. But Mindy who also appears at the end of the video is terrified to see her haircut.

Release Date of ‘Emily in Paris’ Season 3:

Emily in Paris Season 3
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The first season of the series premiered in the US on October 2, 2020. Soon after this in November the series was renewed for a new season, the filming of which began in May of 2021.

The second season was released on December 22 of that year. Early this year Emily in Paris Season 3 and season 4 got renewed with the filming of the third season starting in June. Season 3 of ‘Emily in Paris is set to release on December 21, 2022, on Netflix.