Jason Momoa Starrer Slumberland Trailer, and Promotional Event

Even if the release date of the new Netflix adventure Slumberland is not until quite some time in the future, it is never too soon to have a better understanding of the plot. In the film, Jason Momoa (Aquaman) plays the role of a man-beast who helps a little girl on an adventure in a dreamland where everything is possible.

Young actor Marlow Barkley, who previously starred in the comedy Single Parents on ABC, gets her big break in the fantasy film in which she also makes her debut as an actress in a feature picture.

We got a taste of what Momoa’s voyage with young Nemo (Barkley) would be like in the first trailer, but the initial teaser only showed a peek of the famous actor in character. The new video puts Momoa front and center and gives us a flavor of what the journey will be like.

The promotional material emphasizes once again the unique journey that is guaranteed to be a joy to watch due to its abundance of enchantment, startling rides, colorful characters, and breathtaking settings.

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In addition, the synopsis of the childhood narrative that is presented in the trailer for Slumberland suggests that it is also one of loss and nostalgia: Nemo spent the best times of her life with her father, but she had to deal with heartbreak when he passed away unexpectedly.

The fact that she will have the opportunity to reunite with her father if she spends some time in the land of possibility raises the question: what kind of life lesson is she going to pick up by the time this trip is over? Prepare your tissue box.

Little Nemo in Slumberland was the title of a series of comic strips created by cartoonist Winsor McCay at the beginning of the 20th century. These strips were originally published under the same name as Slumberland.

The most significant alteration that has been hinted at by the trailer up to this point is the transition of the main character from a young boy to a young girl. This, of course, is of almost little consequence in a narrative that focuses on the aspirations and fantasies of children.

In addition to Barkley and Momoa, the action film also has Chris O’Dowd, India de Beaufort, Humberly González, and Tonya Cornelisse in starring roles.

He made his feature film directing debut with Constantine, and ever since then he’s helmed I Am Legend, the last three installments of The Hunger Games saga, and episodes of the Apple TV+ series See. Francis Lawrence is the director of the movie, and he’s tried his hand at all sorts of adventure stories.

David Guion and Michael Handelman, who previously collaborated on the script for Night at the Museum: Secret of the Tomb and are slated to create the screenplay for the animated version of Harold and the Purple Crayon, are the authors of the screenplay for Slumberland.