Sydney Sweeney Is Ready to ‘Save the Universe’ in New Role as ‘Barbarella’

Expressing her excitement for the upcoming project, Sydney Sweeney shared old artwork of the character, writing that it’s “time to save the universe.”

There have been rumors of a Barbarella remake for the past few months. The Euphoria star took to her Instagram to confirm the rumors with a heart-stopping post from the old heroine. The picture shows Barbarella in a two-piece costume with a space weapon.

Sydney captioned the post with a simple message: “time to save the universe.” Accompanying the artwork is a screenshot of a Deadline article headlined “Sydney Sweeney to star and executive produce new ‘Barbarella’ film for Sony Pictures.”

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Fans and friends poured into the comments to congratulate Sweeney on her latest win.

First introduced in a comic book series published in the 1960s, Barbarella is a young woman who travels to different planets to go on space adventures and fight evil. The character was made into a movie in 1968 starring Jane Fonda. With strong elements of s*xuality, it became a cult classic among sci-fi fans.

Before Sony took over the rights, there was talk of a series as early as 2014. The project never got off the ground and was eventually scrapped. Sony’s Barbarella is still in development and the director, writer, producers, and cast members have yet to be announced.

With blonde hair and a curved figure, Sydney Sweeney seems perfect for the role. While taking on the role of an iconic s*x symbol comes with challenges, the blue-eyed beauty was prepared thanks to her experience playing Cassie Howard.

“People forget that I’m playing a character, they think, ‘Oh, she’s naked on screen, she’s an s*x symbol,'” she once told The Hollywood Reporter. “And I can’t get over it. I have no problem with those scenes and I’m not going to stop doing them, but I wish there was an easier way to have an open conversation about what we assume about actors in this industry.”

This isn’t Sweeney’s first foray into the superhero role. She also stars alongside Dakota Johnson in the upcoming Marvel film Madame Web, which is set to open in theaters in 2024. Sweeney’s role in the film is still unclear, but he is likely to play an important character.