How To Stream Anyone But You And Why You Should Watch It!

Anyone But You is a romantic comedy that has two film stars Sydney Sweeney and Glen Powell who play the characters of Ben and Bea.

Will Gluck directs this movie, and it is a modern adaptation of Shakespeare’s “Much Ado About Nothing”. This movie gets so much viewership.

Why You Should Watch Anyone But You!

Anyone But You
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Let me give you short details about the cast Sydney Sweeney is an American actor who gained wide attention when she appeared in the HBO Euphoria series, and Glen Powell gained attention when he appeared in Top Gun Maverick both actors have worked with many prominent actors. So, this movie is a blend of many great talents who can give beautiful performances.

For spicy details both co-stars were making headlines because Glen broke his relationship with his girlfriend people assumed that it happened because Sydney and there our girl Sydney took a turn and on Saturday Night Live, she announced that she was still in love with her finance where Glen Powell was in the camera. She knows how to make it fun and gain attention for the movie.

The plot of the movie is built on a slow romantic comedy that takes turns into a passionate romance.

In the movie Sydney and Glen meet at a coffee shop then they talk for a while they connect but after sort of a while Glen is talking to his friend and Sydney gets over what he says about her so without saying anything she leaves.

Then the couple met for the couple weddings in Australia Sydney where their story takes a different one when Sydney’s ex-boyfriend came to meet her.

And Whereas Glen wants to make her ex jealous so they both pretend to be lovers but when they start showing off their romance to the family there is always something funny happens and while doing all this, they don’t even realize they are failing in love, but somehow their whole act they off the grid.

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How To Stream Anyone But You?

Anyone But You

So, in the end, Glen realized he had fallen in love with her. He made a big entrance to confess his Love. This journey embarks on a hopeless Love where you haven’t thought that the story made this turn.

After, watching that you will definitely, realize how funny and beautiful the story is …!! This will fill your heart.

So, you guys it’s a must-watch movie go and grab the popcorn and some snacks. Roll it on the Amazon Prime video.