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Zendaya Wears A Vintage Dress From 1992 For The Euphoria Season 2 Premiere!

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Zendaya was spotted at the premiere of Euphoria Season 2. The premiere of any movie or any series is something that is not just about that movie or series but also about glamour and fashion too. We have seen that how many celebrities come and attend the premiere of a particular movie or series and have shown their one of the best red carpet look ever.

From Spider-Man: No Way Home to the premiere of Euphoria, we have seen that how Zendaya has rocked it. She has become a fashion expert and icon too.

Recently her series called Euphoria has premiered on January 5 and Zendaya like always had shown one of her best looks for the carpet. Zendaya is famously known as an actor and singer but one should definitely need to check her fashion and styles, she is definitely a model too.

She was seen wearing a black and white striped gown that is not normal for the post-modern world. It is one of the best looks for the 1990s. She was wearing a vintage look of Linda Evangelista.

Zendaya at Euphoria Season 2 Premiere!

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The 24-year-old actor and singer were styled by Law Roach and she was in Los Angeles. The gown was an original one with black and white lines. She carried this gown with her beautiful hair and have that confidence that one requires to look like the 90s. She was also seen wearing gold and diamond earrings.

The gown was straight and was off the shoulder. Zendaya shared a picture related to this look on her Instagram story and it was also her stylist who shared her picture. It was not the first time that we have seen her carrying a 90s look or some vintage look. We have seen her in some amazing looks of the classic era that suits her the most. We have also seen her carrying an amazing spidery look at the premiere of SpiderMan No Way Home.

The series Euphoria’s premiered happened on 5 January 2022. The series was renewed for the second season in 2019 but due to the coming of COVID, the series has been delayed, and finally it is coming. When it comes to having a cameo of her bae Tom Holland then Zendaya has given us a hint about it

. When an interviewer has asked her what is in the briefcase she is carrying then Zendaya replied that it is Tom Holland. He so much wanted to be a part of Euphoria and has even shared it a lot. And now it seems that we will be getting him soon. She has also said that she has given one of the biggest spoilers.

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