Samsung Gear Sport Price, Design, Performance, and More Details

The Samsung Gear Sport is an excellent smartwatch, but excellent in the average, not the luxurious, sense. Though slightly sleeker and more water-resistant than its predecessor. It accomplishes nearly identical tasks with a slight reduction in battery life.

Samsung Gear Sport: Price

Pricey at $299, £299, and AUD 499 at launch, the Samsung Gear Sport is now available. However, the cost has since decreased, and you can now find it for about $220, £220, or AU$320.

It is one of the more affordable Samsung Gear watches available right now, despite still being far from entry-level. As the Gear S3 is gradually being phased out and, oddly, is becoming more expensive.


Samsung Gear Sport

It looks much more like a regular watch than previous gears while maintaining the same rugged sensibilities that we like to see for watches of this cost. Nevertheless, it is a smaller device, coming in at the more compact dimensions of 44.6 x 42.9 x 11.6 mm.

The company claims that the smartwatch offers “military-level durability” and is offered in the colors Black or Blue. Although the device is sturdy, and we like how both colors look, we are not entirely sure how durable it is. However, this is good for us because the blue option has a more muted, ink-like tone rather than a bright hue.

The 1.2-inch Super AMOLED screen is as clear and vivid as you’d expect from Samsung. It can err on the darker side by default, but if you crank up the brightness, it’s easily legible at all times. Of course, we want as much to see on a smartwatch as possible. So it’s annoying that it’s a little smaller than in the previous year. 1.2 inches as opposed to 1.3 inches but if that’s the price of a more portable device, we can understand.


Samsung Gear Sport

The watch will automatically detect your activity if you’re walking or running. However, to use GPS, you must manually begin an exercise. Using Samsung’s Health app, you can select from cycling, swimming, walking, and running.

A barometer and altimeter are included in the Gear Sport in case you want to know how high you are above sea level and whether bad weather is approaching. It can also track how many floors you climb each day.


Tizen smartwatches don’t perform any better or worse than other smartwatches in terms of battery life. For example, the Gear Sport’s battery was depleted by 15% after a 30-minute run using GPS and the heart rate monitor. The battery life was then down to 57 percent after I had worn the watch for 2 and a half hours that day.

If you’re accustomed to basic fitness trackers like the Fitbit Alta or Charge 2. The Samsung Gear Sport’s size and weight may not be as noticeable. It is smaller and more comfortable to wear than the Gear S3, but it is still larger and heavier than those devices.

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