BTS Have Announced 5 Shows With Disney +, Including Three Series!

There are a lot of groups and bands that have been formed and also scattered after a few years. But there could not be any bands like BTS. The name and the fame they have got from their fans due to their hard work and style is totally different from any other band or celebrities.

And to maintain these things, the South Korean pop band BTS has teamed up with Disney plus for their five new projects that are coming up very soon.

BTS is a South Korean group, right now in work related to their 5 new projects that are going to be under the production and distribution of Disney Plus. It was recently when the announcement of their solo career has been done and has left fans totally devastating. But soon after they have announced this project which has made their fans nothing less than the most joyful fan base.

It was on 11 July when BTS’ entertainment label called Hybe announced its partnership with Disney. They are in partnership with the streaming service that is going to be there for upcoming projects including 3 series.

It was said by Jessica, who is the head of content of Disney that they are totally thrilled as they are collaborating with the entertainment label called Hybe. They want to showcase the original content which has been created by the artist with their powerful work. They’re also very happy to have the Global streaming rights in their hands.

What more BTS Says about the Annoucement?

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It was also said that this collaboration would be representing a creative ambition that both of them have ever looked for. It was said: “This collaboration represents our creative ambition – to work with iconic content creators and top stars in the Asia Pacific so their talent can be enjoyed by mainstream audiences in multiple ways.

We believe these new titles will captivate consumers worldwide and look forward to introducing more music content on our service”.

One of the shows is related to the tour that the band BTS had in Los Angeles related to their Permission To Dance. It is titled BTS: Permission To Dance On Stage LA. It is a cinematic 4K concert that will be featuring the live performance from the stadium that happened in November 2021.

The other series is said to be In The Soup: Friendcation which is a travel reality. In this, we are going to see V along with his celebrity friends Seo Jun Park, Hyun Sik Park, Paekboy, and Woo Shik Choi.

The other one is called BTS Monuments: Beyond the Star. It is related to their incredible journey that has happened in this 21st century related to being an icon.

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