Emily Blunt Was Seen In Colorful Dress Attending Freeing Voices, Changing Lives Gala!

Emily Blunt was spotted Attending Freeing Voices, Changing Lives Gala. Fashion has always become one of the finest statements that any celebrity or person can have. But when it comes to celebrities then everything differs as their fashion and style represent their behavior and confidence.

Sometimes it is related to attending the event while other times it is just roaming around and having a fun time, their fashion has said everything. Among them was the actress Emily Blunt who was looking very mesmerizing in her beautiful dress as she was seen at the Freeing Voices, Changing Lives Gala 2022.

The 39-year-old actress Emily Blunt was seen on the red carpet. The Golden Globe winner actress was looking very beautiful as she attended the 2022 Freeing Voices, Changing Lives Gala in New York City. The event happened on 11 July 2022 when the actress was wearing a colorful pink dress.

Her dress was a mixture of pink and purple colors that have black effects. The event was hosted by Emily and that is the reason why the whole focus was upon her. Her hair was tied up in a ponytail while she was also seen in Golden chains. The actress was wearing black High Heels that was looking very beautiful on her.

Let’s have a look at Emily Blunt’s Dress

Emily Blunt
Harper’s Bazaar

When it comes to the event then it is related to an annual fund-raising that is helping people with low-cost therapy. It is helping people who are suffering from a financial crisis so that they can have free or at least low-cost therapy.

When it comes to any new project of Emily Blunt then she will be seen with Chris Evans in the Netflix movie called Pain Hustlers. The story is related to a high school student who was drawn to and has dreamed of becoming better in her life. She had a young daughter and find a job in a mall. She later discovers that she is the center of a conspiracy that has some deadly consequences.

The film is under production and it will be directed by David and we can expect the production somewhere in August. Fans are very excited to see their favorite actress going for a new role with one of the best actors, Chris Evans.

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