Amber Heard Officially Filed For Appeal After One Month Of Loosing The Case!

Amber Heard Update: Sometimes it is quite hectic not just for celebrities but also for their fans to go through the procedure of parting ways with each other. The Separation from a partner or spouse is a very difficult one and one wanted to have peace after it.

But when it comes to some celebrities then it seems like their personal life has been dragged publicly very harshly. And that is the reason why they are still struggling with it and still trying to move on. Among them is the actress Amber Heard who has recently appealed the verdict after losing her case to her ex-husband Johnny Depp.

It has been now confirmed that the actress Amber Heard is going officially related to her appeal. It seems like the actress has a lot to prove and a lot to say about the things that have happened between her and her ex-husband. The 36-year-old actress has announced this decision offer by appealing a verdict.

Amber Heard

It was on Friday when this thing came and declared that the actress has defamed Johnny Depp. According to one of the spoke person of the actress, it was said that one does not go for pardon if that person is innocent. And that is the reason why one cannot decline the appeal if one person is right.

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These kinds of things happened when the team of Johnny Depp and the team of Amber Heard failed to come down on a final settlement. The announcement of appealing is not a surprise for a lot of people as one can expect it.

It was already revealed that the actress is going to appeal the guilty against her. Even her lawyer has confessed and made it clear that she is not going to come just over it. The lawyer of Amber Heard has also said that the actress is not able to pay 10 million penalties to Johnny Depp.

After losing the case, the lawyers of both sides have come to news channels and it has made clear that the actress is going to step forward by appealing. The actress has also confirmed that she still loves her ex-husband Johnny Depp even after so long of separation and Court fights.

A lot of people and fans have come in favor of Johnny Depp and have trolled Amber Heard badly. And that is the reason why Amber Heard and her lawyers have put allegations over Juries that they have definitely broken their oath to using social media.

So in conclusion it seems like there are still some more chapters that will be coming between Amber Heard and Johnny Depp.

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