Urfi Javed Trolled & Received Death Threats Saying She Should Get Shot.

Urfi Javed Update: Sidhu Moosewala was born on 11 June 1993 in Moosa, Punjab, India. He was a famous singer and Punjabi rapper. He was also a politician working for the Indian National Congress party. 

He started his music career by writing a song called License. His first song was G Wagon. So High was the song where he gained a lot of attention from people. In 2019 his song “47” was ranked on UK single charts. Top five on Global YouTube was Bambiha Bole’s song. He was a unique songwriter.  

He was a member of the Indian National Congress party and became unsuccessful when he participated in the 2022 Punjab Legislative Assembly election in Mansa. On 29th May while on the way to Barnala, he was shot by unidentified assailants and died. 

Urfi Javed Trolled & Received Death Threats

Urfi Javed

After this incident, everyone around the world mourned for the artist, many people were also present at his funeral. While many celebrities showed their grief on social media, social media is also filled with many Nay Sayers too. Badshah was also one of those people who faced abusive criticism. 

Urfi Javed also faced the same situation, where she was abused and someone wished her to die. Recently she posted her picture on her social media account, while fans complimented her there were also some people who trolled the actress.

She also shared a screenshot of the abusive messages and replied to her trollers by saying, many people wish me to die, but guess what whit Bitch is here to stay.  

She handled these abusive comments in a very calm way. The screenshot read that they are wishing her to die or get shot just like Sidhu Moosewala. Urfi Javed is often trolled and criticized for her dressing and every time she replies to her trollers daringly.  

Urfi Javed was recently seen in Bigg Boss OTT hosted by Karan Johar.

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