Urfi Javed Trolled for Diwali Wish Video

Urfi Javed has done it again, and this time she has possibly crossed all the limits. You all must already be aware of Uorfi’s tendency of posting some really strange photos and videos in weird outfits on her social media accounts, and she often gets trolled, abused and on a few occasions, she has even been called out by popular Bollywood names for her indecency in wearing clothes.

Unfortunately, nothing has worked and it appears that she now doesn’t care about what anyone has to say and she will wear whatever she wants to; on several posts, she has uploaded semi-n*de photos, and this time on the occasion of the festival Diwali.

Urfi Javed took a step further and appeared n*ked from the upper part and hide her assets with her hand. The post went viral on Instagram and Uorfi is getting brutally trolled since then, many users shamed her for the post and bashed her for doing this at a festival.

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Here you can check out Urfi Javed recent post.

In the post, she can be seen wearing a lehenga which was in a wine-colored shade and it was actually beautiful if she had accompanied it with a piece of cloth, she would have looked pretty good but typical Uorfi, always trying to gain attention in an inappropriate way.

Several lightened-up diyas can be seen in the photo but it was surely an unpleasant way to wish a Happy Diwali to her fans and followers and fans really didn’t appreciate the post as the comments in the post were really awful.

There are certainly many ways to impress fans and gain attention, with a following of 3.7 million on Instagram, Uorfi should consider it a responsibility to maintain decency, especially at the times of festival; well we really wish that someone would update Uorfi’s wardrobe and we would be able to see a new and beautiful Uorfi.