Uorfi Javed posted hottest video ever on Instagram

Uorfi Javed know for her bold photos and unusual dressing sense on Instagram, She has always been on-trend in India and other countries too, because of her bold looks and hot images.

From dresses of flowers, vegetables, papers, and other materials she has tried all kinds of things as dress materials. Now she has posted her hottest video ever on her Instagram.

Uorfi Javed seen without clothes on Instagram

Actress, model, and social media sensation Uorfi Javed has posted the hottest video of herself on Instagram, which has already gone VIRAl on every platform.

Uorfi can be seen without any clothes on her upper body parts only a newspaper cutting which she had held and she has written ” BE YOURSELF” on it.

The video has been seen and liked by more than one lac fan in just a few hours, and almost thousands of fans have already commented on the picture.

One user has written, hotness ki bhi had hoti h or ap usko cross kr re ho ??

Another user has commented: talent is your passion ????????????????????????????????? that’s your pleasure you are so cute ?? takecare ☺️ look hot ?

She wears tight hot blue jeans lower and I must admit it can be mentioned as one of Uorfi Javed’s hottest videos ever on Instagram.

In another picture of her Uorfi Javed can be seen in a light cream color night dress the photo has been taken in a studio and there is a lot of pink color in the background and she is looking damn hot and sexy in the picture.

She has posted three pictures in this dress and the all pictures are worthy of watching. If you don’t know Urofi Javed has been seen in the series ‘Bade Bhaiya Ki Dulahiya’, and Aye Mee Humsafar. Currently, she is playing the role of Payal in the show.

She has done various tv series but she is mostly famous for her bold looks on Instagram, Here are few of her best hot and bold photos and videos:

One Uorfi Javed has been seen in a bikini made of flowers only.


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