John Cena Has dissed Stephen Amell, Here Is What Stephen Amell Has To Say About It!

Know why John Cena dissed Stephen Amell? Hollywood stars do live like a family to each other but not every time. If there are a lot of friends of our celebrities in the industry then there are also many enemies or rivals too.

If not enemy then must be that person whom they don’t like at all. We have seen many stars of Hollywood dissing each other back to back, some do it by their profession while others do it by their personal comments. The recent diss we have seen was between John Cena and Stephen Amell.

We know that before becoming an actor, John Cena was a WWE player. He was well known for it but now he is totally into acting. Recently this Fast and Furious Star has dissed Stephan Amell as has given a very strong remark on him. In reply, Stephen has also given a bold answer that was liked by a lot of his fans.

What Stephen Amell Reacketd to John Cena?

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It was through the season one finale of the Peacemaker that has premiered this week for us. It is there for us on HBO Max. We know that the lead has been played by none other than John Cena himself. He dissed or we can say he slammed Stephen through his dissing at Green Arrow.

In the diss, John Cena said on Green Arrow that it goes to Brony Convention where it has been dressed as the back half of the sparkle of Twilight. He also said that it had 4 inch whole, a wide hole of butt that was drilled in its costume. This dissing of John Cena was at another level and some of the fans have liked the way Cena dissed while others said that it was inappropriate.

We are quite familiar that it was Stephen who has played the role of Green Arrow for almost 6 years for the series Arrow that was for The CW.

The reply of Stephen came when he was tagged by a journalist. It was journalist Andy Behbakt who has tagged him and said that Stephen has to respond to it. Stephen then replied and said that he had not seen this dissing of John Cena as he was busy. He said he was busy because he wants to show Cena what WWE looks like on television, and what how any professional wrestling looks like on the television screen.

When it comes to the reply of Cena on Stephen’s tweet then we have not git any such. John Cena has yet to respond to this comment of Stephen Amell.

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