Stephen Amell Responds to Reports That He Was “Forcibly Removed” From an Airplane Following an Argument with Wife Cassandra Jean

Stephen Amell Updates: Stephen Amell, who is ready to start in his new Starz series, Heels, in August, has responded to rumors that he has forcibly removed from an airline trip earlier this week due to a heated, drunken dispute with his wife.

Amell confesses to being asked to leave a Delta Airlines trip from Austin to Los Angeles on Monday following a disagreement with his wife Cassandra Jean Amell, but he denies being forcibly removed from the plane.

Stephen explained what had transpired in two tweets.

“On a Delta aircraft from Austin to Los Angeles on Monday afternoon, my wife and I got into an argument. I was told to lower my voice, which I did. After about 10 minutes, I was ordered to exit the plane. And I did so right away. “I was not removed forcibly,” Stephen clarified. “I rebooked myself on a Southwest flight two hours later and returned home without incident. I let my emotions get the best of me, and that’s the end of the story. It has to be a slow news cycle.”

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Us Weekly

Amell answers reports on page six that the actor was taken off the flight because he was shouting drunk at his wife, claiming that “Amell, who flew Delta from Austin to Los Angeles following his weekend visits to the ATX Festival, had been removed after a flight attendant had requested several times that he calm down because he allegedly screamed at Cassandra Jean Amell while appeared.

An air marshal and three others escorted him out of the plane, we were told. Cassandra and her friends stayed on the flight after the event and headed for LA. ”

Amell did not respond to claims that he was drunk on the flight. Delta issued a statement on the matter, telling Page Six, “Delta flight 966 on June 21 took a brief, eight-minute departure delay after an irate customer was deplaned from the aircraft prior to departure in Austin.” The plane arrived at Los Angeles International Airport ahead of schedule.”

Amell and his wife, Cassandra Amell, were in Austin for the ATX Television Festival, where Cassandra Amell posted on Instagram that they had “a really wonderful time.” Amell and his wife have been married since 2012 and have a seven-year-old daughter, Maverick Alexandra Jean Amell (who goes by “Mavi”).

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