John Cena And Jason Statham Return In Fast X Teaser Trailer

Fast X finally reveal the first-ever teaser which confirmed the cast of John Cena and Jason Statham. There are certain movies and series that are known for certain actors. And if these actors leave the characters then the soul and the heart of such series and movies go away.

However, if any sequel or prequel arises then the expectation remains high with the characters. Talking about such expectations then first-ever impressions come with a teaser and trailer that reveals not just the plot but also the revival of characters.

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Fast X Trailer

Among such films is the upcoming Fast X. The actor Vin Diesel released a teaser on Instagram which was about 30 seconds. This teaser has a revival of as well as confirmation of previous actors that go with John Cena and Jason Statham.

One can see the bulk of action coming with his film as well as the flying cars. This film is directed by a transport director named Louis.

Dan Mazeau and Justin Lin are the ones who have written the film while on the other hand, while Justin is also the one who is attached as producer of the film.

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Fast X Release Date

Fast X

Coming with the teaser, just like almost every movie of the series, it is again about family. The brother of Dominic which is coming with John Cena would be again against each other.

We will see a lot of fighting going on between them. It was on 9 February 2023 when the actor shared the teaser with 88.2 million Instagram followers. He has captioned: “We’ve come a long way…

Because of you. Gracias mi gente!

Thanks for the love…

Hope to make you proud!


As soon as the actor uploaded the video on social media a lot of comments started coming. One of the fans has appreciated everything except for cars while writing: “It’s great that they’re making another one and everyone in it becomes more successful, but after the 4th one, they just aren’t the same anymore. It’s more about action than cars”

Coming with the release of the film then it will be ready for the audience on 19 May 2023. Almost every character is going to come back in the majority, especially all the leading actors.

Fans are very excited to see this 11th full-length film present in the installment.