Are Stephen and Robbie Amell Brothers? Real Life Relation!

Yes, Stephen and Robbie Amell are indeed cousins. Their fathers Rob and Thomas Amell are brothers which makes them first cousins. They both Hail from Canada and share a close family bond interestingly they not only grew up together but also reconnected as adults.

When Stephen moved to Los Angeles where Robbie was already living. Despite their 7-year age difference, their career path brought them to closure for their successful collaboration.

They both are family and also share the same blood and are also performed in “CODE 8“. A science fiction movie where they shared the screen.  The movie was released in 2019. The Amell brothers brought passion to life, showcasing their talent and family connection.

Everybody gathers around for the story of the Amell brothers has kept  heart and headlines:-

Code 8 Part 2 Actors Stephen and Robbe Amell Related in Real Life?

Stephen Amell
Entertainment Weekly

Stephen Amell was born on May 8, 1981 Canadian actor who is known for Oliver Green in the popular television series Arrow his performance attracted many fans from around the World.

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Here are some key points about Stephen Amell :

Stephen Amell

He appeared in the CW series Arrow. In that, he played the character playboy billionaire to a skilled crime fighter which resonated with the Audience.

For this character, he underwent intense physical training. His dedication to fitness and stunts contributed to the authenticity of the action sequences.

He also played notable characters in “Heels” as a professional wrestler.

He is also seen as a philanthropist. He used his platform to raise awareness and funds for organizations such as supporting Cancer Research and mental health.

He’s been married to Cassandra Jean, and they have a daughter named Mavi. He has a love for wrestling outdoors activity and connecting with friends through social media is well known.

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Let’s know about the Stephen’s dear brother Robbie :

Robbie Amell

Robbie was born on April 21, 1988, and is a Canadian actor and producer. He appeared in the CW series” The Tomorrow People” and He also played Rony Raymond in one of the superheroes in the CW series” The Flash“.

They both have been making headlines for collaboration in the entertainment industry. The success of Code 8 contributed to Netflix ordering a sequel that premiered in 2024.

Robbie and Stephen,  are cousins remind us that family is a constellation we weave across time and space.

So, when the Amell brothers graced the screen. They remind us to everybody that it is dreams of shared vision that come into reality.