Ricky Stanicky: John Cena & Zac Efron Pull Off a Grand Lie In Trailer!

Brace yourself for an incredible journey as Zac Efron & John Cena tap into their comedy bromance in Rocky Stanicky. This action-packed comedy offers funny and emotional moments, all fueled by the engaging duo’s obvious connection.

Amazon and MGM Studios have released the first trailer for Ricky Stanicky, the new R-rated frolic from iconic comedy filmmaker Peter Farrelly, the Oscar-winning producer of 2018’s best film Green Book.

The trailer offers viewers a first look at the amusing adventures of three longtime friends and their fictional companion, Ricky Stanicky. The trailer suggests combining Farrelly’s classic humorous approach with a modern edge. It also includes the star-studded cast of the film.

Ricky Stanicky | Official Trailer

The trailer reveals the film’s innovative plot, in which three friends create a fictional character named Ricky Stanicky. To get out of trouble, Dean, JT, and Wes, the three closest friends, make a fictitious friend named Ricky Stanicky. They use Ricky to cover everything, including skipping tasks and avoiding bullies. However, things get complicated when their wives want to meet Ricky. The three of them unexpectedly face a far more significant problem than they imagined. It’s like a tremendous storm is brewing due to their small lie. This turn of events gives the story a noteworthy element of comedy and the unpredictability of it.

Most of the trailer explores John Cena’s character, Rod, a rock & roll impersonator who portrays Stanicky. As he becomes more involved in the lives of his friends, his role as Ricky becomes more than just an impersonation.

Even though Cena’s character, Rod, adds to the trailer’s comedy, he might have greater emotional depth. This is because an instance in the trailer shows him acknowledging, “My job s*cked, and I had no friends.” But I finally have all those things,” when Zac Efron refuses to believe Ricky is real.

As it turned out, Rod’s dual life as Ricky freed him to go after his unfulfilled dreams. The trailer promises a film full of laughter, unexpected twists, and a sense of nostalgia for lovers of classic comedies.

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The Cast and Crew of Ricky Stanicky.

Ricky Stanicky
ABC News

Zac Efron, who has starred in High School Musical, Baywatch, & The Greatest Showman, plays one of the classic best friend trio. He will be joined by Andrew Santino, well known for his roles in Beef and Dave. Jermaine Fowler, a comedian renowned for The Blackening & Coming 2 America, will wrap up the tall-tale-telling trio.

Anja Savcic of Loudermilk and Big Sky also joins the cast, as does William H. Macy, renowned for his Emmy-nominated part on Shameless & Oscar-nominated performance in Fargo.

As previously stated, Ricky Stanicky, also known as “Rock Hard” Rod, is played by former wrestler and comedy actor John Cena, who you might have seen (or not) in the Fast and Furious trilogy, The Suicide Squad, and a short appearance in the big office blockbuster and Oscar-nominated Barbie.

The amusing flick will be released exclusively on Prime Video on March 7, 2024.