Ozark Season 4 Part 1: Must Watch Series After Ozark

After the release of the Emmy-award-winning series Ozark season4, the fans have gone mad with the content. Ozark season 4 was released on January 21, 2022, and it is one of the biggest and most loved shows on Netflix. The last season of the show was showed up 2 years back and since then the fans are desperately waiting for the next season.

Season 3 had aroused the excitement of the views and then season 4, which had been equally jaw-dropping for the people watching.

The show Ozark is about a Chicago couple, Marty and Wendy Byrde, who had relocated their family to Missouri’s Lake of the Ozarks and are planning to cheat money from a Mexican drug cartel. This is the last season of the show and there are seven episodes in the first part of the season.

Till part 2 of Season 4 is released, the fans have much more for them on different OTT platforms similar to the show which at least can pull them to the threshold of excitement. There is a long list which the fans should discover and enjoy the enthusiasm adrenaline pumping into their blood.

The list of some such similar series are: –

Breaking Bad

The series is streamed on AMC and it is one of the most liked shows. Breaking Bad had streamed its 5 seasons. The show had won multiple Emmy awards by Bryan Cranston and Aryon Pal, the lead actors of the show.

Similar to Ozark, in this show also, a simple family man get convinced to do something bad so as to secure the future of his family.  After seeing his chemistry teacher dying of Cancer and was leaving nothing for his family, he convinced himself to get deep into the dirty shit of producing and distributing crystal meth with one of his old classmates, to secure his family financially.

Better Call Saul

It is a Netflix show and this show is a kind of prequel to the Breaking Bad series. To date, 5 seasons of the show had been streamed and the last Season that is season 6 would be streamed soon, which would help people clear their heads from the suspense the show had created in it the last series.

The story is about Walter and Jesse’s dishonest lawyer Saul Godman, who is also the lawyer of Mexico’s most wanted criminal.

Queen of the South

Showbiz Cheat Sheet

The show has a very similar story to Ozark and it has been taken from a Spanish television serial ‘La Reina del Sur.’  The series streams on Netflix and it is about a poor Mexican woman who fell for a gangster.

But unfortunately, her love got killed and she had to flee to America to save her life.  But later, she with the help of another gangster, get that gang busted and she herself got into the drug business for money.

The Americans

The show had aired 6 Seasons on Amazon Prime after it was streamed on FX. The story is all about a married couple who have violent jobs but are actually faking in the real world with people making them feel that they are a simple couple with sober jobs.

The lead role is being played by Elizabeth and Philip Jennings, who are KGB spies and the plot has set up somewhere during the Cold World War. The couple is living a very normal life in suburbia and were keeping their job a secret from their two children but the problem started arising when a new neighbor shifts in, who is an FBI agent.

 The Mosquito Coast


Another crime show which had streamed on Apple TV. The story has taken from a novel of the same name. The story is all about a scientist, who is running with his family including his wife, two children from federal authorities, for what he had done in past. He manages to flee to Mexico but still, the threat is not over and each day, they are facing new problems and threats.

The plot of the story is set in 1980 and Justin Theroux played the lead role of Allie Fox.  The hero managed his way out of the situation. The money may not be as good as Ozark but the storyline is almost the same and the viewer will get the same vibe.

Sneaky Pete

This show is one of the most underrated shows on Amazon Prime and is still loved by viewers.  The story is all about a man who is running from his past and at the same time he is acting as if everything is fine and ok. The main role was played a Giovani Ribisi, who is an ex-con and had recently been released from prison.

He used his cellmate identity in order to just escape his past. But this took under turn and he reunited with his cellmate’s family. But he instead invites the problems of his cellmate and the main turning points to come when he manages to solve his life as well as his cellmate’s family.



The first few seasons of the Series were not interesting but with the release of Season 5, the show had made its way to viewers’ and critics’ lists. The underrated drama which streamed on Hulu has managed to list among ‘cant’s miss series.’ The plot of the story is set in I983and the story is based on the Crack Cocaine epidemic in Los Angeles.

The three characters have played the main role, a CIA agent, a member of the Mexican gang, and a wrestler. How the trio’s life intersects and how they manage to get outlive.

The Outsider

The series streamed on HBO max, is one more masterpiece of Jason Bateman’s acting. After, Ozark, Bateman has a long list of followers who have realized that Bateman is a treat to watch.  This series is based on Stephen King’s novel, ‘The Outsider,’ which was directed by Jason Bateman.

The one-season show is one the most loved series and received many critic acclamations.  The story is about a murder of an 11-year-old boy and his coach, played by Jason Bateman, has been alleged of his murder. Later, it was found that some supernatural elements are included in the murder, which later came out, shocking the people of the family and cops.



The series starring Bill Hader as Barry streamed on HBO Max, is about an average American Guy, who is a hitman, but wanted to change his job professionally. Barry shifts to Los Angeles for a new job but stumbles into an acting class, where he found it best. He started loving his job but his past did not leave him peacefully as they were not happy with his preference of changing profession.



Another crime series streamed on Hulu TV and the story is all about an undercover cop planted in a cocaine cult. The story is based on a true event and to date, two seasons have been streamed with six episodes in each. There is still no declaration for the third season.


The black-humor series released on Netflix is set in London.   The story is about a man Jean, whose life turned upside down when his outlaw brother Martin crash lands in his world. He comes to meet him with a body in his trunk and in order to hide his crime, Jean himself got into the crime world.



The story is based on a real event and the series is streamed on Netflix. The first two seasons of Narcos is based on the rise of Pablo Escobar, the Colombian billionaire who, at the height of his career, was said to be responsible for 80% of the cocaine in the U.S. Pedro Pascal and Boyd Holbrook star as the real-life DEA agents who led the manhunt for Escobar, while Wagner Moura plays the drug lord himself.

A three-season spinoff, Narcos: Mexico, centers on Miguel Ángel Félix Gallardo (played by Diego Luna), co-founder of the Guadalajara Cartel and godfather of the modern Mexican drug trade.

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