When BTS was compared to COVID in terms of Spreading

BTS being top in the chart of Billboard to one of the fastest-growing Musician Band in K-Pop. There are also the king of controversies. The Band is widely popular worldwide which we can assume by their references in the Hollywood films and TV Series like Marvel’s Eternals, their reference in The Falcon and Winter Soldier TV Series on Disney Plus, even the one song of BTS has also been featured in Eternals.

But yet the bans are facing so much hate from the world’s various music critics and veteran music lovers worldwide.

And the ARMY of the BTS Boys has always defended their idols, I don’t to how much extent is it good to idolize any celebrity, I know that millions of fans must have been motivated by the works of BTS in Music Industry and would have chosen their dreams as their profession. But yet there should be a line between idolizing someone and defending anyone to such an extent.

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BTS had got hate from Podcast groups and has been called COVID by RJs

Do you when the BTS was growing outside Korea, the band was facing so much hatred and racism by the European Music lovers, In this thread one German RJ ‘Matthias Matuschik’ had compared them to COVID in terms of spreading which was really a big racism comment and the Radio Station had to apologize in the public domain because of the words of the RJ. BTS Controversies

Actually, RJ Matthias Matuschik had commented a ‘racist joke’ on the BTS Boys, He had said: “some crappy virus that hopefully there will be a vaccine for soon as well”, on the BTS’s unplugged version of the veteran musician Coldplay’s “Fix You”. He had termed the video as “blasphemy” and commented that the BTS should be punished by “vacationing in North Korea for the next 20 years.”

After that, all the BTS ARMY had trended to Twitter with several hashtags in to defend their Boys and was asking for the apology by the RJ and the Radio Station. As the Radio Station and RJ had also shared their apologies in the public domain about their inappropriate comment on BTS.

Other Controversies of BTS

The BTS has also been accused of Manipulating The Billboard Chart from time to time and being no. 1 just because they are easy to target by being one of the most popular all-boys bands, and they have reached success in just 2-3 years.  ON this controversy the main leader of BTS,  RM ( Kim Namjoon ) clapped and said that it’s really a fair question, accusers can deal with Billboard members or team about it, They can the rules to being at number one position if they want.

Even the BTS ARMY was also commented as the 15-year-old Girl ARMY by James Corden at his show when the BTS team was there for an interview. The BTS AMRY then again asked to make an apology for his comment about BTS ARMY. But at the BTS ARMY Website, we have seen the minimum age to join the group is 18-years.




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