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Top 10 Games Of Nintendo Wii

Top 10 Games Of Nintendo Wii
Nintendo Life

Let’s have a look at the Top 10 Games Of Nintendo Wii

Mario Super Sluggers

Mario Super Sluggers

It has never seen the light of day in the PAL regions (perhaps the wisest decision was given to our usual reckless baseball in these categories – American cricket, right?), The Now Production and Namco production jointly were in the Mario Superstar series Baseball on the GameCube and put the woodcutter and his teammates on the football field!

Trauma Center: The Second Opinion

Top 10 Games Of Nintendo Wii
Ronaldo Planeta Gamer

It is something you will not find in any other home console at that time. It was a testament to Wii’s ability to create new genres of games that appeal to new audiences. A truly unique feel with an advanced control system coupled with its flawless presentation made for the most exciting game from Atlus.

The Endless Ocean

Top 10 Games Of Nintendo Wii

This series continued the silent exploration of the series which added direction and performance to the first-ever

Top 10 Games Of Nintendo Wii
Nintendo Life

coldest sea diving game. Do not disturb us – you are not experiencing a sudden and unstoppable shark attack or in Emilio Largo underwater with a wet orange suit, but the feeling of being found in Endless Ocean 2: Adventures of the Deep (or Blue World as it was. Posted in North America) Well, cool – and we can all do something of those days.

Bully: Scholarship Edition (Wii),

Top 10 Games Of Nintendo Wii

Nintendo missed any GTAs in his home console, but Rockstar’s Bully was more than just a consolation prize. Now based at Bullworth Academy, Jimmy Hopkins wishing to discuss should discuss the pitfalls and dangers of private school life in an open-world game that plays a bit like the GTA for teens. Molotov cocktails have been replaced by smelly grenades, AK47s full of slings.

With the right setting and the new ones (no doubt in favor of a better sandbox game than the old GTA riots), this has been a great addition to the ‘adult’ shelf in the console library.

Resident Evil,

Top 10 Games Of Nintendo Wii
The Verge

GameCube Game 2002 redesigns with new controls, Resident Evil (or Bad Reservoir Archives: Resident Evil: Resident Evil gives its full title) provides what we were expecting from the Wii re-release of titles of the previous version: easily accessible. . , an improved sense of control over the art of a small trash can. Just focus on game intimidation instead of box intimidation and you have gold.


Top 10 Games Of Nintendo Wii
Nintendo Enthusiast

To me, this is undoubtedly a game that proves that outsiders were well versed in Nintendo’s 3D grammar and Ocarina of Time. Okami is a beautiful Japanese tour with foreign characters, fun music, and an unforgettable art style. The HD version on Switch is probably the best way to play these days, but the original Wii hole for Clover’s PS2 was a joy back in 2008.

Xenoblade Chronicles

Top 10 Games Of Nintendo Wii
IGN India

It is a landmark in scale and design, and you will spend many hours exploring its amazing complexity, developing your skills, and exploring the global ecosystem. Whether you play it on the Wii, the new Nintendo 3DS, or Switch to Xenoblade Chronicles: Definitive Edition, brings the great JRPG (and most exciting) knowledgeable developer Monolith Soft to build on it and its Xenoblade sequence Chronicles X, though the first. the game is undoubtedly better.

The legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess (Wii)

Top 10 Games Of Nintendo Wii
Extreme Tech

This was Zelda’s first console game (something Nintendo would repeat many years later very successfully with Breath of the Wild). As was the case in the ’90s, the 3D Zelda formula had just begun to appear a little tired in the mid-2000s, so while Twilight Princess was a very good game, it did not affect its predecessors.

The extra ‘waggle’ used in the Wii version didn’t match the 1: 1 swordplay ideas we could have imagined, either (we’ll have to wait until Skyward Sword gets that). Did the whole world really need a mirror to make the link right?

Super Mario Galaxy 2

Top 10 Games Of Nintendo Wii

With this  Nintendo has given us that rare food – a direct sequence to one of its best games. While anyone who has played and loved the Super Mario Galaxy would be very happy to hear that there is more on the way, expectations in the sequel will not be high.

Somehow able to take the stick from the predecessor and do good things, the designers enjoyed the possibilities of Mario’s cosmic playground. It may not be in the 3D All-Stars Switch collection, but this game is really worth hunting for the Wii once you’ve washed it.

Metroid Prime Trilogy (Wii)

Top 10 Games Of Nintendo Wii
Den of Geek

Collects the original Prime trilogy in one useful package with new Wii controls, difficulty options, and enhancements for previous GameCube interventions (found per issue in Japan), The Metroid Prime Trilogy is undoubtedly one of the moving combinations forward. contributions to video games, always.

Pure may refer to the few visual effects unmatched by the original, but whatever you look at, this is a great package – the best way to play these games, as well as a solid crown jewel in regular consoles.

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