Know Why Virgin River Season 5 Filming Got Delayed?

Virgin River Season 5 Updates: Virgin River is like getting a warm hug: It’s the perfect homey drama to curl up with, with small-town trappings…

Published: January 11th, 2022 5:22 am | Updated: May 11, 2022 5:22 am

Virgin River Season 5 Updates: Virgin River is like getting a warm hug: It’s the perfect homey drama to curl up with, with small-town trappings reminiscent of Gilmore Girls and Friday Night Lights and an unforgettable ensemble of characters.

Fans are in agreement: Despite the fact that Netflix does not release viewing numbers, the show is popular enough that it was quietly renewed for season four even before the third season of Virgin River was released on July 9. According to What’s on Netflix, filming for Virgin River’s fourth season began in late July 2021, only a few weeks after the third season’s release.

Netflix revealed two months later, in September, that Virgin River has been renewed not only for a fourth season but also for a fifth. By December, numerous members of the cast, including leads Alexandra Breckenridge and Martin Henderson, had stated that they’d concluded the fourth season, paving the way for a mid-2022 premiere (more on that later!).

It’s hardly surprising that Netflix is optimistic about the show’s long-term prospects, given that the Virgin River book series by Robyn Carr, on which the show is based, has 25 books. Not to mention, season three rocketed to the top of the Netflix charts almost immediately, attracting over 1.4 million viewers in its first week, according to Nielson; at the end of its first month on Netflix, it was the most-streamed program in the entire service.

Perhaps in response to this desire, Netflix has approved more episodes for the fourth season, bringing the total number of episodes to 12 instead of the normal 10.

So, now that Season 4 has been confirmed and is (nearly) here, what do we know about it? Will Annette O’Toole’s character Hope make it? What is the situation with Mel’s baby? Will Charmaine be able to have her twins at long last? Isn’t it true that we’re finally going to find out who shot Jack?

Let’s get started. Our best guess is July 2022. This is why: This would be a year after the release of season three—Netflix like to release new seasons at the same time as prior seasons whenever possible—and would allow the Virgin River crew enough time to put together the season, considering that the show is still in production.

Virgin River Season 5 Spoilers

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There will be spoilers ahead. Season three of Virgin River ended on a cliffhanger for many of the characters, including Preacher, who was poisoned by a former friend of Paige’s in order to get him out of the way in a plot to kidnap Christopher, and of course, Mel and Jack, who are dealing with the fallout from Mel’s announcement that she’s pregnant—but they don’t know if the father is Jack or her late ex-husband Mark.

After learning that Ricky was enlisting, Lizzie broke up with him and went back to her nasty LA ex-boyfriend; Brady was arrested as a suspect in Jack’s shooting after a similar gun was discovered in his car; Charmaine and Todd threatened Jack with an ugly custody battle over the twins, and Mel and Jack will figure out the details of her pregnancy and see if they can work it out (for your peace of mind, the actors who play them have been clear that they definitely will).

After missing the entire third season, we’re likely to see Paige again, and perhaps she’ll be reunited with Christopher. Charmaine will give birth to twins, and there will almost certainly be a showdown between her and Todd, as well as Jack, her children’s biological father. And, since we’re on the subject of Jack, we’ll finally find out who shot him.

Tenney told TV Insider that season four will be a roller coaster from the opening minute. “When Season 4 premieres, there will be a tremendous announcement.”

Annette O’Toole, who plays the town’s mayor, Hope, who was (and will be again) married to the local doctor, Doc Mullins, was oddly absent from the whole third season. Apart from video chat, Hope’s absence in season three was due to COVID-19 filming constraints, as she was unable to go to Vancouver to film with the rest of the cast. But don’t panic, both O’Toole and Hope will return for Virgin River’s fourth season.

Deadline announced on October 25 that two new cast members had joined the fourth season. Kai Bradbury, who we last saw as Doc’s long-lost grandson, Denny Cutler, at the end of season 3, is one you’ll recognize right away. The other will have a completely different appearance.

Dr. Cameron Hayek, played by Mark Ghanimé, is the new doctor in town. “Armed with eye-catching good looks, a razor-sharp mind, and a smile that could light up the planet, Cameron makes an immediate sensation in town—particularly with the ladies of Virgin River,” according to Deadline.

Virgin River Season 5 Cast 

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However, there is some bad news: filming for Season 5—which was supposed to begin in the spring of 2023—has been delayed. Breckenridge revealed in an Instagram Live: “We were meant to begin filming season five in March, but it was pushed back due to scheduling conflicts… I’m not sure. I’m not sure, man. I’m hopeful that we’ll be able to start this summer.”

We can expect the following cast members will repeat their roles based on what transpired in season 3:

Mel Monroe is played by Alexandra Breckenridge.

Jack Sheridan is played by Martin Henderson.

Mark is played by Daniel Gillies.

Hope McCrea is played by Annette O’Toole.

Doc Mullins is played by Tim Matheson.

John “Preacher” Middleton is played by Colin Lawrence.

Muriel is played by Teryl Rothery.

Lizzie is played by Sarah Dugdale.

Ricky is played by Grayson Maxwell Gurnsey.

Charmaine is played by Lauren Hammersley.

Dan Brady is played by Benjamin Hollingsworth.

Brie Sheridan is played by Zibby Allen.

Mike is played by Marco Grazzini.