Emily In Paris Season 3 Confirmed with Season 4 – Expected Release Date and Other Info

Emily In Paris Season 3 has been confirmed on Netflix via uploading a video on Instagram by the official account of @emiliinparis, which shows the clips of Season 2 and season 1 of the show. The video is basically a short clip which titles “New Year, New Possibilities.”

As per video, we don’t think Emily is going to leave Paris and the fans would feel relieved that we will get two more seasons of the show. The Emily is Paris is a romantic-drama show starring Lily collins in the titular role Emily Cooper who is a Marketing Executive and now lives in Paris, where she have got new friends and boyfriend.

And season 2 was ended with a major cliffhanger which had shown that Emily would leave Paris to get the promotion. But now we are relieved that she is not going to leave Paris as the showrunners had confirmed the Emily in Paris Season 3 and Season 4.

Emily in Paris Season 3 – What could it be about?

Although have not the official synopsis of the upcoming season we can expect that Emily will be in Paris with her friends and will try to solve the complications in her relationships with friends and boyfriend. She is not leaving Paris for Chicago means the team of Chicago may not appear in season 3.

Emily in Paris Season 3 Announced

I think we already had got indication about the Emily in Paris Season in an interview of Lilly Collins with PEOPLE.COM, where she had said

“I would love the opportunity to get to do a season 3. I myself don’t know her choice yet. I keep asking,” Collins told PEOPLE. “But whatever choice it is you know it will be filled with drama, fashion and a lot of fun and romance.”

She had also indicated about her visit to Chicago in the upcoming season, she had said

“I am down for whatever decision comes my way if we get to do it”

So we can also expect she may return to Chicago for a while but she will be back in Paris in Season 3.

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Season 3 Expected Release Date

Emily in Paris Season 3

The showrunner of the show Dareen Star and Paramount along with Netflix have decided to bring two more seasons of Emily in Paris, and we have the confirmation too. But there is not any official Release Dat of Emily in Paris Season 3. But as we know the production of the show will start in mid-2022 hence we can expect Season 3 in mid of 2023.

This means we have to wait for one more year for Emily in Paris Season 3. Till then you can watch seasons 1 and 2 which are available to watch on Netflix.

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