Raising Dion Season 2 Netflix Release Date and the first look of the series

Raising Dion Season 2 has been announced and we have got its first look too. Raising Dion is about a superhero that was telecasted on…

Published: January 2nd, 2022 7:25 am | Updated: January 2, 2022 7:25 am

Raising Dion Season 2 has been announced and we have got its first look too. Raising Dion is about a superhero that was telecasted on the platform of Netflix and the creators of the show had released some of the rare pictures of 2nd season and they gave clarity about the launch which occurs in the next year. The creator behind the Raising Dion is Black Panther’s Michael B Jordan and he debuted it in the year 2019. After seeing the pictures from the new season we come to know about Dion and his enemies.

Raising Dion Season 2 Renewal Updates

Dion is a superhero he started using his abilities when he was eight years old. Dion’s parents are Mark and Nicole Warren and he was born when his father was at Aurora event where he got superpowers and he gave those to his son. When Dion was three years old he and his father were faced with car trash their powers have been started.

But after some years on August 12 of 2017, his father was killed by The crooked Man in New Orleans. After the death of his father with his mother went to another apartment by leaving his friends and even he left his best friend Andre Patel. Pat Rollins to who is Mark’s friend stood with them and he became a substitute father.

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Cast Information Of Raising Dion

• Alisha Wainwright performed as Nicole Warren
• Ja’Siah Young performed as Dion Warren
• Micheal B. Jordan performed as Mark
• Jason Ritter performed as Pat
• Deirdre Lovejoy performed as Charlotte Tuck
• Jazmyn Simon performed as Kat
• Ali Ahn performed as Suzanne wu
• Gavin Munn performed as Jonathan King
• Marc Menchaca performed as Walter Mills in Raising Dion Season 2
• Dana Gourrier performed as Tessa
• Donald Paul performed as Mr.Anthony Fry
• Ariana Guerra performed as Kerry Phillips
• Justice Leak performed as Lars
• Erica Tazel performed as Danielle
• Skyler Elyse Philpot performed as Steffi
• Kylen Davis performed as Malik
• Victor Sho performed as Rashad
• Diana Chiritescu performed as Noonan in Raising Dion Season 2
• Dakota James Alden Lane performed as Runner Boyfriend
• Rome Flynn performed as Tevin Walefield
• Rachel Hendrix performed as Tasha Patel
• Lara Silva performed as Bakery Worker
• Afemo Omilami performed as George Lewis
• Gissette E. Valentin performed as Lita
• Rebecca Harris performed as Aunt Joan
• Lauren Buglioli performed as Nurse
• Tracey Bonner performed as Simone
• Robert Pralgo performed as Mr. Herman Beavers
• Josh Ventura performed as David Marsh

Launch Of New Season Of Raising Dion

The 1st season of Raising Dion was telecasted in the year 2019. This was a blockbuster hit and fans of the series were waiting for the new season for three years and at last, their wish has come true. The Raising Dion Season 2 will be telecasted on February 1 of 2022.

The Raising Dion new season contains eight episodes and it is going to be telecasted on Netflix which is famous for dramas. First, they had a plan to release it as a short film because of Dennis Liu Comic book with the same name. After the entry of Micheal B. Jordan, they released it as a series. Let’s hope for the hit of the new season.