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Will Smith Shared His Childhood Trauma, Career and Marriage

Will Smith
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Will Smith Updates: Lately the renowned actor Will Smith has released his Memoir entitled “Will” and here he isn’t holding back anything as he goes on to describe many things and does many disclosures.

Will Smith(53) is highly known for his forthrightness & in the pages of his memoir he bares it all for his readers; the childhood trauma, the tumultuous marriage to his ex-wife Sheree Zampino, and more of the juggling in between the of family, fame, and more.

The book has traced down how the actor got raised from a Philadelphia teen to a beloved rap, TV, and film superstar. The official summary of the book describes it as “the story of how one person mastered his own emotions, written in a way that can help everyone else do the same.”

The memoir has also been co-written with author Mark Manson of the book,’ The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F**k,’. The memoir also traces the actor’s journey of self-knowledge, which he hopes to share with younger fans. The actor has lately also launched the Will Youth Book Club and he plans to share his journey with all his young fans here in this Club.

The main focus of the Club is to make an impact for the fans so that they find a new love in the form of reading, culture, self-expression, self-healing, and self-awareness.

Here we present to you some of the substantial disclosures in “Will” which is already out.

What Will Smith say About his Trauma?

Will Smith
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1)He inspected suicide for the first time at the age of 13-The actor, Will Smith discloses that he contemplated self-killing himself twice in his life, the first time when his mother left his father.

Will smith actor explains that as a child he had been a spectator as his father, Willard Carroll Smith Sr., abused his mother, Caroline Bright, not once but multiple times in their Philadelphia home.

Having been born enough, his mother had left home when the actor was 13 years of age. His mother’s absence overwhelmed submerged him with guilt and loneliness that led to him deciding to kill himself. His grandmother Giving often had said that self-harm isn’t a solution but a sin and that was what kept buzzing in his head and he dropped the self-harm methods.

2) Will Smith burned down the belongings of his ex-girlfriend when they broke up The actor’s first relationship was with a woman named Melanie Parker.

Smith explains how the look in Melanie’s eyes became the substitute for his grandmother Gigi’s approval. But things weren’t meant for it and the darkness had come as whilst the actor was on a tour Melanie cheated on him and Smith had ended the relationship, but the pain and heartbreak led him to go vulnerable.

He then grasped that what he was doing was the same thing his father, whom he had bitter memories of did to other women-he hurt them.

Will continues that his entire dignity was wrapped up in women’s approval of him.

There is yet more in this memoir of actor Will Smith which is already out for the readers to read on.