Are Jada Pinkett Smith and Will Smith Together?

Seven years of marriage between Jada Pinkett Smith with Will Smith – they are not divorced, but together “to infinity”. She confessed that she once thought about divorcing him. Jada promised not to give any of them excuses to have a reason to divorce him, and she has not failed in keeping it. Th

ey didn’t tell people anything about their split because they aren’t prepared yet to introduce their union. Their chances for success are high because Jada and Will Smith want it all settled permanently.

For over 30 years Will Smith has been married to Jada Pinkett Smith, an Oscar winner. Jaden, Willow, and Trey are their three children. The situation with Will makes him happier than before as he attains all that he envisioned on a daily basis.

These are some crazy things they have said about their relationship such as calling it self, there is no secret here except for the Smiths. This is because they feel that they have attained every possible thing that they needed during their entire life.

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Jada Pinket Smith and Will Smith Relationship Status.

Will Smith

‘Life Partners’ is what Will Smith called his marriage. He stated that they do not have any deal breakers and that he has the support of his wife until death. He said he was defending their marriage because life is too short for a fake marriage, and should they not divorce that year, they add another year to their marriage.

The marriage must involve a responsible person who is able to take care of his family under their own free will and without interference by other people.

However, they complimented their parenthood as Parents of the Year and stressed on the need for steady support of parents that Will has attained his age of maturity, will can stand in front of a mirror confidently with honour and freedom; if he’s good that way.

She fell in love with Will and together they have three children thus composing their family. She likes Superwoman’s hardcore nature and she’s glad that her tough attitude is finally receiving attention from the critics in Hollywood. She is thankful to Will for his support and friendship. She considers that love and support are indestructible.

They have grown apart but they still strongly love each other, and see the other one as a kindred spirit. They like being scrutinized by their partners as some form of support.