Bad Boys 4 BTS Photos: Eric Dane Spotted With Will Smith and Martin Lawrence!

Recently Eric Dane has officially joined the Bad Boys 4. He was captured filming in Miami, showing the actor pointing a gun at his fellow Co-star Martin Lawrence.

Bad Boys is a series of American Buddy Cop Action Comedy Films, created by George Gallo. The stars of this movie are Will Smith and Martin Lawrence. The two played the characters of the Miami Police, who are detectives.

Let’s Delve Into the Thrilling World of Bad Boys:-

Bad Boys 4
Just Jared

The Bad Boy’s first movie was released in 1995 it was commercially successful. The chemistry between Smith and Lawrence became the heart of the franchise.

The second movie Bad Boys was Released in 2003. The movie took they new height, it was a roller coaster of adrenaline, humor, and camaraderie.

The third movie Bad Boys for Life was released in 2020. The plot explored loyalty, family, and legacy all while delivering thrilling action sequences

In 2020 Smith and Lawrence will be reprised their roles from the previous three movies. In February 2023, Smith announced that the fourth film was in pre-production.

Will Smith is an American actor and rapper. He has received multiple awards throughout his career. Martin Lawrence is an American actor and comedian.

The plot of the upcoming movie sequel nobody besides the people working on the movie knows the plot.  Mike and Marcus working on a new case with AMMO with a side plot of Mike mending his relationship with his son.

Fans will remember that the last movie. Ended with  Mike and Marcus, who is being put in charge of AMMO With Mike visiting his son, Armando in prison. Offering him a chance for redemption. Showing that the plot would follow up on loose ends.

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The cast of the Movie

Bad Boys 4
Just Jared

The characters are played by Smith and Martin who returned as detectives.  Mike Lowrey and Marcus Brunette. Eric Dane will play the Movie villain.

° Eric Dane will play the villain.

° Tasha Smith will play Marcus Brunette’s wife replacing Theresa Randle from the previous films.

° Vanessa Hudgens returns as weapons expert of the AMMO team.

° Alxendera Ludwig portrays Dorn, a tech expert.

Behind the scenes :

The Bad Boys 4 is directed by Adil El Arbi and Bilall Fallah and The movie is penned by Chris Bremner, the same man who wrote The Bad Boys for Life. The movie was produced by Jerry Bruckheimer and Brakha Mayur.

Fans are excited.!!

On February 26 Sony Pictures Announced that the upcoming Bad Boys sequel will premiere in America in theaters on 7 June 2024.