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Ryan Reynolds Declare The Secret Behind His And Blake Is That They’ve “Always Liked Each Other”

Ryan Reynolds

Ryan Reynolds Updates: Blake Lively, 34, and Ryan Reynolds have kept their love for each other alive while balancing their busy schedule in their professional life and also parenting three of their kids.

In a recent interview, Ryan said to Entertainment Tonight that their secret of a successful marriage is simple and told them that “We don’t take each other too serious, but we’re also friends.

“Falling in love is great, but do you like each other? That’s the question you gotta ask yourself, you know, going into it. We’ve always liked each other. We grow together. We learn from each other.

So yeah, I’m lucky to have a buddy in that.”

Not only friendship has kept their marriage alive, but also their sense of humor adds up to their relationship.

Ryan posted on Instagram to his fans that he really found the project of his latest film Spirited challenging and he wants to take a break from making movies.

Ryan Reynolds And Blake’s Successful marriage Look Here.

Ryan Reynolds

The Deadpool actor posted on 16th October on his Instagram page that “Perfect time for a little sabbatical from movie making.

I’m gonna miss every second working with this obscenely gifted group of creators and artists.”

Blake took the opportunity to make fun of his husband when his fans showed their disappointment and wrote in the comment that Michael Caine had done it first, referring to Michael’s willful retirement from acting which he announced on the first days of this week.

He revealed and said that “I just have been going back to back to back and the pandemic pushed everything together.

I find that I am missing stuff and I don’t want to do that so just being home with my kids on the holidays with my wife and feeling at ease and relaxed and not feeling that I have work to do or something to study or get ready for or train for anything like that stuff.

It is just nice to have a little time.”

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