Camila Cabello Dropped New Song ‘La Buena Vida’. Click to know

Camila Cabello Updates: On Friday, 15th October, the singer dropped Camila Cabello, ‘La Buena Vida’ her new song, which seems to be calling out an ex. the single, performed concluding her Tiny desk concert on NPR by the Fifth Harmony alum.

The song is going to be a part of her upcoming third album Familia. The song she sang is lyrical as ‘ I woke up Happy by accident’; ‘I forgot you were gone again’; ‘In other words, you typed out I read’; ‘but I’m alone on my sofa bed… are so far away…’ ‘You should be here, should be with me tonight’; Said you are working, you are working all the time; Why am I all alone with your glass of wine?; Oh no, oh no, this is not the life’

On the set, for 19 minutes, where some of her other songs were included, listed as Real Friends, Señorita, Don’t Go Yet, and Havana. In the set, though she sounded slightly nasal-y, her performance was incredible, where her vocals were on point. She admitted that she had a slight nasal-y infection.

She looked gorgeous for the outdoor set, which was for Hispanic Heritage, celebrating month. She shook the set with her beautiful straightened long hair, an oversized long jacket with a white tank top. Underneath she wore a bra that was Brocade printed, popping out to give a luxe vibe to her look.

Camila Cabello: New Song


Camila was previously dating Matthew Hussey and Austin Mahone 25, previous to Shawn Mendes (since 2019). Austin and Camila got the first to link back in 2014 when Fifth Harmony just got to start up its blow.

The pair were found on tour together, and even after their split, they seem to be on good terms. Austin was found publicly supporting Camilia on the release of the song Havana, 2019. He said that her acting in the song was dope, was Also looking beautiful. He also said that he is so proud of her as she is rightly doing her things.

Camila comment about her 2018-2019 relationship with Matthew that, they both were so similar and that he makes her the happiest. After they split up, she announced to the fans through an Instagram post, that not send hateful things, to her loved and caring ones, if they really love her. She also added that doing such things is unnecessary, damaging, and will also hurt her.

She further added that through fans’ hateful spamming, they cause pain to many and to the real person who is behind the tweet, and also through this kind of hateful tweets and posts, the values that she talks about do not reflect. It is unclear whether her new song is about Austin or Matthew, who is the most significant romance Outside of Shawn.

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