Camila Cabello Seen At Neon Carnival After Kissing Ex Shawn Mendes!

Camila Cabello was recently seen at the Neon Carnival after kissing her ex-boyfriend Shawn Mendes at Coachella Music Festival. There are a lot of celebrities that are making headlines nowadays because of their outing and their back-to-back public appearances.

Sometimes it is related to their casual outing which is very personal to them while other times it is the professional event that they have to attend. If we talk about that Music Festival which is going around in Hollywood and other parts of the world then it is also on the same list.

Among them is the singer Camila Cabello who was recently seen at the Neon Carnival just a few days after kissing her ex-boyfriend Shawn Mendes. The singer was photographed on Saturday night just one day after she was seen kissing Shawn Mendes at Music Festival.

Coming to the look then Camila Cabello was wearing brown pants and a denim jacket while carrying it with a white top. The singer was also seen having some accessories of chains while keeping her hair down for the day.

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Here you can check out some pictures of Camila Cabello and Her Ex Shawn Mendes!

Camila Cabello

This outing of Camila Cabello is not a normal one as it is the first ever outing ever since the rumors of the reconciliation with Shawn Mendes started. It all started when some fans were seen capturing a video of the couple at the Music Festival where they were seen having some conversation and later on changed into a hug and a kiss.

When it comes to the confirmation then none of them has denied or accepted it. However many sources are speculating that they are back with each other and excited about the reunion.

As soon as the video started flourishing on social media, many fans came forward. One of the users said she is not at all belief in these facts as it is almost like a dream coming true. While others have wished them to come back again and never separate.

It was not long ago when Shawn Mendes was surrounded by many dating rumors that are going on with Sabrina Carpenter and Dr. Jocelyne Miranda. The singer was seen multiple times with Miranda last year and also a few weeks back.

However, it is not confirmed whether they are just good friends or dating each other. When it comes to Camila Cabello then she has already clarified her life and said:

“For me, dating is all about making friends. Just focus on making friends, and then if you’re at a dinner party and your focus is on making great friends, on friendships, and then if there’s a physical attraction to somebody, then it happens but it’s natural.”