Cardi B Escapes Sanctions In $5 Million Lawsuit After Being Accused Of Misleading Court With Doctor’s Note

Cardi B Updates: Cardi B is a famous pop singer/rapper of USA who is known for her strong word and wild songs and no filter looks. She has been into controversy now because of the cover photo of his album “Gangsta Bit-h Vol 1”.

The lawsuit is filed by Kevin Brophy Jr who said that his photo in which he is having oral sex is used without his consent and it is demoralising him and his family. He claims to be the man in the background and he and his family is going through the mental trauma because of all these things.

Although the pop singer was also asked about her reaction and she said that all these are drama and its just a shakedown and he hasn’t been exploited in real. And although this has became a big case but there is no good reaction from her it feel like she doesn’t want to give him limelight.

She recently asked the judge for next date of hearing because she just had given birth and her doctor said to take rest instead of travelling. So she can’t come to hearing so she asked court to give another date for the hearing maybe 2022. She demanded all these on her doctors note.

But recently singer went to France for for Paris Fashion Week. And when she was shown there Brophy again knocks the court saying that Cardi is misleading court.

What Cardi B Shared about the lawsuit?

Rolling Stone

He said There is no reasonable explanation for” Cardi to “suggest that she could not, and would not, leave New York because she needed to be with her children and that it was not safe to be in public places, only for her to appear two weeks later in Paris”. He demanded the court to bring the next hearing to December 2021 from February 2022 and also he want a sanction of $8k.

Although Cardi denied about tricking the court and said all this came up after court move the hearing date to February 2022. Her attorney wrote “The opportunity to take part in such an internationally renowned, widely publicized and prestigious event, on behalf of someone of the world’s greatest fashion designers, was simply too important, from a career standpoint, and too lucrative, to disregard,”.

Now the judge took the side of Cardi and passed judgement that the rapper wasn’t misleading court and also he disapproved Borphy’s $8K sanction. He also told that the both reason for traveling further was different so it can’t be said misleading.

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