Camila Cabello Was Seen Wearing Black Mini Dress At The Voice Finale!

Camila Cabello was recently seen wearing a black mini-dress for the final performance of The Voice. A lot of celebrities or almost every one of them tries to follow a certain fashion style that becomes a signature for them.

However, there are some exceptions in which celebrities always experiment themselves with different wardrobes and fashions. Whether it is related to a long dress or just a mini dress, everything suits them with perfect makeup.

Something like this happened with Camila Cabello who was recently seen in a black mini-dress.

The incredible singer Camila Cabello is defining every style in her way. She was recently seen in the finale of The Voice season 22 as a coach and also as a performer. She showed up on the stage in a black mini-dress that has red hearts. Coming to performance then she performed her hit song called Never Be The Same.

The overall look of Camila Cabello went with perfect makeup and open hair. In most parts of the finale, Camila Cabello was seen in a sheer dress while sitting on the red chair. She also had a grey sweater that kept her warm during the performance.

The singer spent the whole night supporting the contestant of The Voice. This contestant was the only female, Morgan, who is in the finale of the season. Coming to the success that Camila Cabello has gained through The Voice being the first of a season became one of the best for her.

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Here you can check out some pictures of Camilla Cabello from The Voice Finale!

The finale performance happened on 12 December 2022 while she was on the stage with other judges for a special performance on holiday. She was matching with every energy she could ever have.

Coming to Morgan from the team Camila Cabello then she has expressed how grateful she is to have the mentorship of the singer in the season. She said that she always texted her and cares about her all the time.

The contestant went further and describe her feeling towards her mentor with a few more words: “We’ll have just a conversation on song choices, even if it’s devil’s advocate or even if she’s with me on it and just wants to talk through maybe some pros and cons on how to approach it so that we’re giving the best thing that we possibly can.”

Morgan further went and added: “I also love the fact that we’re on the same page about storytelling and picking really well-written songs and then making them my own”

Coming to the rest of the fashion that the singer carried in the show then everything went well. Sometimes it is her long large gown while other times it is just her normal look which went with natural makeup.