Money Heist Season 6: Tokyo on Season 5 finale and Season 6

Money Heist Season 6 Updates: The grand finale of the hit series “Money Heist” is just around the corner. First of all, “Tokyo” Úrsula Corberó chats a little about the new episodes, as you can find out at Daily Research Plot. The first half of the 5th and final season of “Money Heist” starts on September 3, 2021, on Netflix. In part 1 of the grand finale consisting of 5 episodes – as you have already read with us – the war between robbers and police will finally break out. “Money Heist” star Úrsula Corberó (plays fan-favorite Tokyo) now also chatted a little about the upcoming episodes in an exciting interview with Vogue.

The actress from Tokyo didn’t want to reveal anything about the story of “Money Heist” Season 5A to avoid spoilers, but she said literally: “But what I can say is that it is a bloody war! It really was hard to shoot this. I’ve never done anything like this before. We were shooting a scene for two weeks!

That sounds like an extremely action-packed and lavish finale to “Money Heist”. Because 2 weeks is a really long filming time for a single scene. So Úrsula Corberó goes on to explain that during the filming she felt like in the grandiose time loop classic “Groundhog Day” with comedy legend Bill Murray.

All information about the upcoming 5th chapter of “House of Money” can be found in our big season guide: “Money Heist”: The series finale awaits you in two parts.

Money Heist Season 6:  that’s why the shocking deaths in season 5 finally make sense!

Money Heist Season 5 Part 2 details

“Money Heist” starts with Season 5 on Netflix in September. Now the producer and director Jesus Colmenar speaks about the deaths of some characters in the drama series.

Probably nobody is safe in the Spanish Netflix production ” Money Heist “. Now, in season 5 of the drama series, a war will break out between the clever thieves and the authorities and fans fear for their favorite characters. If you haven’t already lost your life in one of the previous seasons.

Especially the death of Nairobi (Alba Flores) shocked fans of the Spanish Netflix series. While the loving mother and fan-favorite barely survived a sniper’s bullet in season 3, she died a brutal death in season 4 at the merciless hands of Gandia (Jose Manuel Poga).

For Ursula Corbero (“Snatch”), who embodies Tokyo in the series, the motivation for her death was inexplicable. “I didn’t understand it either,” she said at a press appearance. “There are few people who would call Tokyo friends. And now their best friend has been killed.”

That’s why director Jesus Colmenar lets his characters jump over the edge

Money Heist Season 6 details

Now the executive producer and director of the Netflix series, Jesus Colmenar, explains in an interview with the online magazine TVLine why the cruel deaths of some characters were essential for the further development of the plot of “House of Money”.

The deaths of Berlin (Pedro Alonso), Moscow (Paco Tous) and Oslo (Roberto Garcia) are also intended for a specific purpose. Just like the Nairobi murder, her loss, according to the story, gave Colmenar major turning points and served as fuel for the characters to move on.

“We let our characters die to create tension,” Colmenar said. “It’s never wrong not to know who might get caught and what will happen next.” Alvaro Morte (” The Wheel of Time “), who plays the professor, agrees and can also credit the otherwise gruesome death of Nairobi on a more positive note: “There is something real about the series. Anything can happen and creates moments of surprise.”

The finale of “Money Heist”

So many cherished characters fell victim to the tension build-up in the series and the motivation of the survivors. And somehow Jesus Colmenar hit a nerve with it. It cannot necessarily be said that the “House of Money” lacks tension and drama. Season 5 of the Spanish Netflix series is also highly anticipated.

Part 1 of the new episodes will start on September 3rd , part 2 of the fifth season awaits you from December 3rd . We can only hope that you can look forward to the end of the war with at least one of the robbers behind the Dali masks. If anyone survives at all.

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