Lucifer season 6: Will Lucifer Die in the Finale?

Lucifer season 6 Updates: LUCIFER has always got the limelight. The series is in its ending note as season 6 is all set to be dropped. However, in season 6 fans would get many twists and turns. In the trailer of the season, 6 fans must have noticed a new young character. The character is Jimmy Barnes who will be coming as a villain.

What next in the upcoming season

Fans have already marked their calendars for September 10 as a day to watch their favorite series on Netflix. The final drop of the series would come with more intense drama. Once the devil of the series is now going to be the god. However, in the path, he would be having many obstacles. There are chances that some old enemies would also come in his path. Jimmy Barnes is one among those old enemies who will bring new challenges before Lucifer.

Jimmy Barnes is the one who killed one of Lucifer’s good friends Delilah. Jimmy is shown in some important episodes as he aims to destroy the final mission of Lucifer. This enemy is from the time that would bring a new set of problems to Lucifer.

Lucifer season 6: A story of revenge

Lucifer season 6
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If fans could recall how Lucifer landed up with Chloe Decker and started helping her in her cases. It was the time when Lucifer’s friend got murdered by Jimmy. In the rage of his revenge, the devil showed Jimmy his original devil face. Further, Jimmy turned insane after watching the devil’s face.

However, it is predicted that the young Jimmy Barnes is somewhere from time. In some of the pictures from the promotion, the young boy was seen sitting with a woman Nancy Barnes. Moreover, till now it is not clear what Jimmy Barnes is up to. Surely, time travel would give more dramas to the fans.

Lucifer: Jimmy in the plot

The story of Lucifer in the initial season started by taking revenge from the main villain Jimmy. Perhaps, this confirms that the finale would bring some twists on Jimmy. However, till now it is known that Jimmy is somewhere in the time zone. Now Lucifer is the god, he has also got new powers like traveling time.

Moreover, till now it is not out that how both the characters will encounter each other and what would happen in the finale season. However, the wait is not long. The time has almost come. Till then fans can rewatch some of their favorite seasons.

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