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Emily in Paris Season 2 Renewal Status and Production Details

Emily in Paris Season 2

Emily in Paris Season 2 Updates: The American rom-com TV series Emily in Paris wraps up the filming of the second season of the hit comedy-drama featuring Andrew Fleming. Tony Hernandez, Lilly Burns, Darren Star as executive producers; Stephen Joel Brown, Shihan Fey, Jake Fuller, Lily Collins as producers. Emily in Paris is under the production companies Darren Star Productions, Jax Media, and MTV Studios.

Emily in Paris Season 2 Renewal Status

Directed by the creator of ‘Sex and the city’ Darren Star, Netflix announced the sequel to the TV series on 11th November 2021. Netflix posted a video where the cast for the TV series was using the word ‘Deux’ which means two in french, hinting for the second season. Emily in Paris came out as a big hit on Netflix.

Throughout the world, it was binged and not more than 2 weeks later from being released the preview to the second season of the series was launched. There was criticism regarding the series and was commented on as well. Despite being pigeon hold, the series did earn quite a fandom.

Emily in Paris was on the U.K top 10 lists for consecutively 40 days and since 11th November the series had been featured in the top 10 on Netflix US for 29 days straight.

Emily in Paris Season 2

She’ll be more a resident of the city. She is making a life there.” In the previous season, the viewers got to see
Emily living her life to the fullest. The relationship between Emily and Gabriel would be focused more on in the upcoming season. Gabriels’s ex Camille could also make an appearance.

On 4th August 2021 Lily Jay Collins posted that it was her last day on set with Netflix Philippines.

Expected cast members –

1. Lily Collins – Emily Cooper
2.Philippine Leroy-Beaulieu – Sylvie Grateau
3. Ashley Park – Mindy Chen
4. Lucas Bravo – Gabriel
5. Samuel Arnold – Julian
6. Bruno Gallery – Luke
7.Camille Razat – Camille
8.William Abadie – Antione Lambert