Dave Bautista Takes Streaming Literally to Promote the Disney Bundle

Dave Bautista Updates: In the new event that ended today, Dave Bautista played Streamer, a member of the Disney package, for $13.99 per month, including…

Published: July 31st, 2021 4:26 am | Updated: July 31, 2021 4:26 am

Dave Bautista Updates: In the new event that ended today, Dave Bautista played Streamer, a member of the Disney package, for $13.99 per month, including access to Disney+, Hulu, and ESPN+. The streamer character spends day and night on the idyllic lazy river, or more precisely, spends it in rafting, kayaking, sitting by the fire, watching one performance after another in all three services.

This is “the only show that has all types of shows you want to show,” said one of Bautista’s announcements today.

The event also showcased some of the most-watched programs on Disney+, including Tom Hiddlestonled Loki. According to Nielsen’s latest data, this was the first most-watched program broadcast in the third week of Disney+. 15 seconds means a specific place: “It’s here. He’s there. Boys are everywhere.”

Bulk activities relying heavily on the different meanings of the word “broadcasting” in TV, Internet TV, digital platforms, and social media filter. NBC Universal Olympics broadcast.

Disney is not the only company that provides streaming services to attract viewers to the Olympic Games. Netflix launched its second global branding campaign at the opening ceremony of the Olympic Games on Friday.

Package Build The launch marks Disney’s latest attempt to promote its Disney package, which has been an important growth engine for the company to actively seek to expand its streaming media assets. In May of this year, Disney CEO Bob Chapek announced to investors that the price of Disney Bundles to be released in March will increase by $1 per month. It is doing better. The company sees the opportunity to bring U.S. Parcel closer to them to expand its business.

The package also gives the company the option to add subscriptions to Hulu (its multi-purpose streaming service for adult audiences) and ESPN+ (sports streaming). Subscriptions for these two services are lower than Disney+’s astonishing 103.6 million subscribers globally at the end of April; as of the end of last quarter, Disney had 41.6 million subscribers and ESPN+ subscribers 13.8 million.

This potential growth also provides opportunities for the further development of digital video advertising: Although Disney+ does not advertise, Hulu and ESPN+ are part of the Disney package.

“This is clearly our top priority,” Disney’s vice president of creative marketing Andy Baker told Adweek. “We want to publish the Disney package, let people know its content, and hope they subscribe to it. We need a bigger idea and a different way of communication to make the packaging more conceptual and humorous and communicate it to consumers.

Dave Bautista Promoting the Disney Bundle


Work on the Bautistaled event began this spring when Disney’s marketing department wanted to create a message that was more conceptual and humorous than the simple Disney advertising campaign that was first launched on TV in May 2020 and hosted the Super Bowl in February-advertising Reached a climax. The company sought help from representatives for the first time. Explain the product and sell it.

“It needs to be clarified: Disney +, Hulu and ESPN + are all together, but at the same time they are separate applications,” he told Baker. “It can be said that we want someone to help consumers find their way out in these waters.

In, Disney hired Eric Kallman, co-founder and creative director of Erich and Kallm, to develop the event. Rarely seen in a critical industry, Kalman and the agency’s first idea of ​​Disney became a hit.

“A very simple idea, just click on.

The pun soon appeared, that is one of the moments when you have a very simple idea, just click,” Kalman told Adweek. “Then You go to the competition.

Dave Bautista was also early identified as a good candidate because of his acting skills and comedy rhythm. At some point, Bautista’s anchor watched Hulu’s youth drama “Love, Victor”, then turned to the camera and said: “I love Victor.

The commercial directed by Mike Varzin lasted for two days in June on a ranch used for movies and TV shows owned by Disney, with enough time for last-minute additions and improvisations. Given the show’s growing popularity, I think it can be written on a napkin at lunch,” Baker said. There is a clear Marvel connection between Loki and Bautista, where the latter plays the destroyer Drax.