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Dave Bautista Confirms ‘Guardians 3’ Will Be His Last MCU Outing

Dave Bautista
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Dave Bautista Updates: The 52-year-vintage actor was candid about his time with the Marvel Cinematic Universe in an interview with People. During the chat, Dave spoke approximately his destiny withinside the MCU gambling Drax in Guardians of the Galaxy.

“I do not know if they may circulate ahead with the man or woman or with Guardians at all [after Guardians 3],” he said, including that he hasn’t studied the script but on purpose.

“I’ll possibly do desk study, however, they might virtually even pressure me to do that. I like getting into without expectations, you know, due to the fact I’m a fan,” he admitted. Guardians three is about to wrap filming in April of 2022. “That can be the end of my Drax adventure,” he confirmed.

What Dave Bautista Shared About His MCU Outing

Dave Bautista

“It’s been a hell of an adventure with these forged Guardians and the complete Marvel Universe. I adore it and virtually launched my career. And I’m kind of wrapping up that as a part of my adventure, so it is very tons of a bittersweet thing,” he went directly to say.

“In the first film, Drax simply got here throughout so funny. I assume they simply desired to faucet into extra of that, and that is who the target market fell in love with. So we by no means virtually were given to peer Drax the Destroyer.

Maybe there will be a possibility in Guardians three so I may not experience like there has been whatever leaving at the desk. I’d like to convey a number of that physicality from wrestling into the Marvel Universe, and I simply have not had the possibility to.”

At the same time, Dave Bautista stars in a big new upcoming film!