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Kevin Feige Wants Falcon’s Captain America to Fight Red Guardian

Kevin Feige

Kevin Feige Updates: The Red Guardians are keen to fight Captain America in the MCU, and Marvel boss Kevin Feige has expressed his eagerness and interest to see Falcon Cap enter the ring. Marvel President Kevin Feige has gauged whether David Harbour’s Red Guardian may have ever fought Captain America, as he often describes in Black Widow.

Kevin Feige wants to see Captain America of the Falcon fight the Red Guardian in the future

MCU President Kevin Feige wants to see the Falcon’s Captain America fight the Red Guardians in the future. Moving to Phase 4, the MCU is already looking a little different this time around than it was two years ago. Several 4 projects will feature the recently launched Phase of Heroes as the original Avengers earn their victory and overtake the franchise.

Meanwhile, the MCU’s recently launched movie release Black Widow introduced some main and important new characters to the franchise, including David Harbour’s Red Guardian. Once positioned as Russia’s answer to Captain America, the film’s Red Guardian spends most of its precious time dreaming about the days when he was a superhero.

Throughout Black Widow’s timeline, the Red Guardian tells of a battle she once fought with Captain America, although the timeline hardly matches Steve’s time out of the ice.

Many others want to see the Red Guardian fight Captain America

Kevin Feige

Marvel Feige recently attended a live-tweet party for Black Widow last night, and he gave some inside talk about what he’d like to see next in the MCU. Many fans were genuinely interested in watching the Red Guardian fight Captain America, and one person even asked Feige if Sam’s cap would go toe-to-toe with the Red Guardian.

I want to see Feige wrote later how are you guys? Based on the various comments on his tweet, it would be fair to say that many people are also interested in the idea. As the MCU stands now, Sam’s iteration of Captain America is the only Red Guardian one can fight until the franchise renegotiates the timeline it had established.

It will be fun to see the two characters appear on screen side by side, especially since they’re not nearly as closely matched as Steve and the Red Guardian. Unlike the two of them, Sam doesn’t have super-strength. However, he has his wings and Wakandan-made suit, so he is not without his advantages.

Captain America and Red Guardian can both stay in the MCU for a short time. But now it remains to be seen where they will turn next. For Sam, the in-development Captain America 4 is more likely, and there’s a chance the Red Guardian will appear there too. Black Widow hasn’t gotten a sequel yet, but Feige has hinted that the Russian hero has more story to tell. Don’t be surprised if these two make it to the big screen.