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Karen Gillan answers all our dumb questions about Gunpowder Milkshake

Karen Gillan
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Karen Gillan Updates: Netflix’s Latest Action Star Karen Gillan Knows Where All the Guns Are Hid in the Gunpowder Milkshake Library. So let us know what Karen Gillan has to say about the Gunpowder Milkshake.

Karen Gillan: Smash-Em-Up-And-Stab-M Gunpowder Milkshake Questions and Answers

If you’ve spent the last day of your week watching Netflix’s new smash-em-up-and-stab-m gunpowder milkshake, it has left you curious to know a few questions. So first let’s see which are those questions:

1. How are people constantly roaming around that library and searching for guns?

2. How could the world not know Lena Headey’s Scarlett for so many years? And why didn’t Sam leave the awkward Nathan and go out with his cool “aunt”?

After spending a lot of time delving deeper into all those issues, we took our questions to the expert who is the film’s star, Karen Gillan. And he answered all our silly questions.

Question: What is the relation of that library? Did no one go there? Is it always off?

Karen Gillan

Reply to Karen Gillan: I think people would probably go there only for weapons. Maybe that’s why it’s locked. Maybe all these code words and things like that. Those are the only things on my mind.

Q: But are there displays for children?

Karen Gillan’s answer: “I know! The killers may have brought their children while they would have found the weapons they needed later.

Q: In the movie, your mother left at 12 when the killers talked about their kids. How do you think Sam was trained or not? Did he do it of his own volition, or was it a matter of Stockholm syndrome?

Reply to Karen Gillan: I feel like there was a little of an element of Stockholm syndrome. Her mother left her when she was 12 years old, and so that was the biggest setback in her life. So, as a coping mechanism and maybe to feel closer to her mother, I think she probably went out into the world, but she was already in the world because Nathan, who worked at the firm, took care of her and helped her.

Growing up for years. And so she was already in the world. I think she was only interested in being like her mother probably because she was angry with him, but there was also a little hero-worship towards her because she wasn’t present in it.

Q: Do you think Sam should seek help from a therapist?

Answer by Karen Gillan: Yes. It would be appropri5ate for everyone to see a doctor first, but especially Sam should. He has dealt with a lot of abandonment issues, and he has killed many people. This is going to take its toll. I mean, maybe they can get along like a group therapist. They could all use the same.