Is Tom Hiddleston’s Loki really going to be in Doctor Strange 2?

Tom Hiddleston Updates: Loki had a tremendous impact on the MCU as season one ended, officially playing the multiverse after Marvel teased fans for a while. As the finale aired on Disney+, MCU fans joked that Doctor Strange looked a little disappointed. Yes, TVA will help, but it may be Doctor Strange’s job to rectify this whole violence and prevent many ideological wars from happening.

Will Tom Hiddleston be in the MCU sequel?

The sequel is called Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness and A Multiverse of Madness looks exactly like the set Sylvie set out when she stabbed He Who Remains (Jonathan Majors). They reported a sequel to Doctor Strange to include Elizabeth Olsen’s Wanda Maximoff, called The Scarlet Witch, but the Hollywood Reporter reported that Tom Hiddleston’s Loki was expected to appear as well.

Before Sylvie stabs He Who Remains and messes with the sacred timeline, she takes Loki back to the TVA, which is built on the temppad of what she lives in. When Loki tries to tell Mobius (Owen Wilson) about the impending danger, Mobius doesn’t know who Loki is (sob) and we also see a statue of what he lives in the TV lobby. Statue of the Keepers of Time.

Is Loki now in a brand new timeline or has it has changed the timeline because of Sylvie’s actions?


It’s so funny to see what Loki looks like seeing if he’s useful to Doctor Strange to stop the racial war. But it is important how they meet because the timeline is completely mismatched, even if Loki is in the major time zone.

The Loki we see in the TV show dates back to the time of the Avengers, long before Doctor Strange even made his first portal to the MCU. So if he needs help, it is likely that he will expect it in the TVA itself rather than going for outside help.

Doctor Strange returns to the sighted mid-credits, Doctor Strange meets with Thor (Chris Hemsworth) and tells him that Loki is on his “list of persons and creatures from other regions that threaten this world”. The same scene plays out in Thor: Ragnarok, which reveals that Loki is trapped in a never-ending portal.

Going to be, Tom Hiddleston’s alleged appearance in Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness is the pure difference for now. As always, Marvel hasn’t confirmed or denied anything yet. Internet searchers are already working hard since the release of Loki’s finale and seen from Hiddleston in January 2021. He may have given a ‘fan question’ for the launch of WandaVision and Loki had hair, as well as being in the UK.

This was when the Doctor Strange sequence was being recorded in the UK, so fans added two more two and wanted Loki to join them. The thing is, Middleton lives in London and has probably never cut his hair yet.

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