Black Widow Dreykov Fixes The MCU Villain Problem (By Being Irredeemable)

Black Widow

Black Widow Updates: If you are a Marvel fan then you have to see the new Black Widow movie if you haven’t already. The movie takes place after the events of Captain America: Civil War when Natasha is on the run from General Ross and the Iron Man faction of the Avengers. Being a trained spy, Natasha knows the secrets of disappearing out of thin air and that’s exactly how she avoided being captured for quite a long time.

The film shows us a great deal about her tragic past highlighting how she was sent to the United States as a spy at such a young age and was later betrayed by her own handler who threw her into the Black Widow program against her better wishes.

The same handler is also the Big Baddie of the movie named General Dreykov who created the Black Widow program for his own gain. With most of their villains, Marvel tries to create them in such a way that depicts them as realistically as possible.

Black Widow: MCU Villain

Black Widow

No person can be entirely evil nor entirely virtuous and Marvel has given their villains just that little touch of goodness that makes them appeal as a redeemable villains, as an example Loki, who was a huge obstacle for our heroes has now become a fan favorite superhero and has even got his own solo series. That being said, Dreykov is not one of those villains, he is as bad and ruthless as it gets.

He created the Red Room and has experimented and tortured thousands of young girls turning them into spies who help him maintain the balance of power in his hands. His Widows are nothing more than mere pawns to him and he doesn’t care if they live or die, his ruthless being hasn’t even spared his own daughter turning her into a mind-controlled assassin named Taskmaster.

Only if pure evil had a face, this is why Natasha didn’t hesitate even a bit while killing him and thought that would be better than his imprisonment. Even the fans had nothing but hatred for the character which is why they could feel the same emotion Natasha felt throughout the movie, a brilliant move by Marvel.

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