David Harbour Teases Stranger Things Hopper Story Arc Plans

David Harbour Updates: Stranger Things’ David Harbour previews Hopper’s narrative arc intentions, hinting at the cause for Hopper’s phony death and subsequent resurrection. Stranger Things’…

Published: July 9th, 2021 6:05 am | Updated: July 9, 2021 6:05 am

David Harbour Updates: Stranger Things’ David Harbour previews Hopper’s narrative arc intentions, hinting at the cause for Hopper’s phony death and subsequent resurrection.

Stranger Things’ David Harbour disclosed the plot arc idea for Jim Hopper’s phony death and resurrection. Stranger Things premiered on Netflix in 2016 and has been one of the streaming service’s most popular original programs over the course of three seasons.

Season 4’s release date is still unknown due to coronavirus delays, but that hasn’t prevented one celebrity in particular from hinting at the show’s future.

Harbour, who plays Hopper in Stranger Things, has remarked on his character’s reappearance many times. He recently linked Stranger Things’ Hopper’s revival to Gandalf’s rebirth.

Fans of the show will recall that Hopper was thought killed at the conclusion of Season 3, but now that his existence has been confirmed by the crew, many are intrigued as to the nature of his survival.

A post-credit sequence suggested that Hopper was in a Russian jail, implying that the season might take place in another country and explore Hopper’s experiences in prison. Meanwhile, Harbour recently explored the notion of Hopper’s reappearance as a resurrection or rebirth.

What David Harbour shared about the Story Arc?

According to ET Canada, during SiriusXM’s “Pop Culture Spotlight,” Harbour disclosed Stranger Things’ story arc intentions for Hopper. Harbour highlighted how Hopper’s story arc has been on his mind from the series’ inception, as he and the producers sought the most significant and meaningful path for the character.


Season 4 will cement much of what they determined and planned for Hopper’s arc. This, according to Harbour, will be accomplished by Hopper’s resurrection, as his resurrection will result in the creation of something new. Take a look at his statement below:

I mean, I’ve talked to them about the arc of this man and sort of what would be, and they’ve talked to me about him and what would be very meaningful and touching from the beginning of this program. And we’re starting to lay the groundwork this season is especially for things that will pay off big time in terms of arc development.

I think, one of the things was the resurrected life that he had in terms of fathering, fathering Eleven, and revisiting that. And he has to be revived right now in order to build something fresh. So we have this fake death and this resurrection, and we’ll see what happens next, but they do have a plan, and it’s really exciting.

Harbour went on to say that Hopper’s fathering of Eleven will be explored in season 4. After seeing Eleven’s anguish at the conclusion of season 3 when she assumes Hopper has died, his reappearance as a father figure to Eleven will undoubtedly be essential to the season.

Meanwhile, Stranger Things season 4 set images and teasers have suggested that Eleven will be put to the test again this season. Eleven will be revisiting her terrible past in Hawkins National Laboratory, according to the teaser, and set photographs appear to hint at some damage for the little girl.

Hopper’s character grew significantly when he began fathering Eleven, and witnessing that bond renewed after adversity and loss will be extremely emotional following his resurrection.

According to Harbour’s comments, season 4 will be a pivotal one in terms of his character’s development. It’s reassuring to know that Hopper’s false death and subsequent resurrection were planned. Given how emotionally charged his character’s death was at the conclusion of Season 3, his resurrection in Season 4 may appear rushed.

However, the concept that his death produces some “newness” in Hopper and his parenting of Eleven gives his resurrection additional significance. Hopper’s homecoming will have a significant influence on season 4 as he seeks to re-establish crucial ties following his stint in a Russian jail.

Overall, Harbour’s remark builds excitement for Stranger Things season 4 and guarantees that, while things will likely be drastically different this season, they are all part of a larger plan.