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Bloodborne Remaster Rumored to Release on PS5 This Year

Bloodborne Remaster
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Bloodborne Remaster Updates: Rumors about a newly remastered version of PlayStation4 classic, Bloodborne, to be released soon in an upcoming Sony event started a few days ago. But these talks were shot down as guesses rather than actual information. But to fans’ delight, similar rumors have come up just now. This time, we even have a window of time when we might get the release.

This rumor comes from a tweet by a French leaker with the username @SoulsHunts. They reported that a PlayStation 5 edition of the classic Bloodborne is coming soon.

While it won’t be technically a sequel, more of a remastered edition can be expected coming later this year. The tweet also termed the remaster as “ambitious” and claimed that neither Bluepoint Games nor FromSoftware is working on it.

To get more light on the topic, it is true that rumors of a remastered version of Bloodborne and popping up from many sources. But neither Sony nor FromSoftware has given any interest or indication to bringing the action game back. Hence, one can’t get too attached to the rumors.

Rumors  About Bloodborne Remaster

Bloodborne Remaster
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Having said that, @SoulsHunts has a track record of being privy to information before it’s announced, recently. They were the first ones to mention Stranger of Paradise: Final Fantasy Origin before its E3 2021 reveal. So, just considering recent history, one can believe the rumors of Bloodborne as well.

But if fans want a verdict, we’d say to keep their excitement muted until PS5 formally announces the arrival of Bloodborne. This time looks too early to take these rumors seriously especially considering that there has been no actual buildup.

Also among other things, there isn’t much to think about from Sony or FromSoftware right now. This isn’t something that fans would want to hear, but the situation right now for a PS5 release is all cloud, no rain.