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Returnal Studio Claims It Turned Down ‘Big Players’ Before Joining PlayStation

Returnal Studio
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Returnal Studio Updates: Finnish game studio Housemarque is the brand new addition to Sony’s list of first-party developers. Housemarque rejected a lot of offers from other companies to join Sony. Recently, Sony has declared that the developers of Returnal will be a part of PlayStation Studios.

Returnal developer Housemarque declined proposals from “big players” just to be acquired by Sony. In an exclusive interview, Housemarque CEO Ilari Kuittinen disclosed the offers they got from other companies too from the US, China, and Sweden. But Kuittinen turned down each offer to feature Returnal in PlayStation Studios by Sony.

He thinks that Sony wants to buy Returnal as it is completely different from other video games available on the market. Returnal is a third-person shooter game and not a game that was developed according to the tradition of Sony.

The announcement of this great news of Returnal brings excitement among the fans. In fact, Housemarque is the thirteenth developer under PlayStation Studios. The PlayStation Studios head Herman Hulst also revealed that Housemarque internal team will continue to run Finnish Developer.

Returnal Studio: What the Developer shared?

Returnal Studio
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The developer of Returnal has a big history of developing PlayStation-exclusive games, they launched both Nex Machina and Rosegun for PS4 earlier. So, it’s not much of a surprise to be acquired by Sony. With the exclusive launch of Returnal in PS5, Housemarque developers proved their dedication to Sony’s PlayStation-exclusive video games.

As a promising developer, Housemarque also introduced the post-launch support for Returnal by launching a series of patches since its release day. The focus of them was to present a smooth game and the recent update fixed most of the remained issues from Returnal.

Housemarque is one of the oldest game developers, working since 1995. It started to work for PS4 in 2007 and currently for PS5. It’s a long journey and the CEO of Houmarque Kuittinen expresses his remarks on the effects of the huge success on Returnal by Housemarque.

He thinks this union of PlayStation with Housemarque will help the developer to be more ambitious on the upcoming projects and helps to grow enormously. Housemarque hasn’t revealed the forthcoming projects but it’s quite obvious that the next step is going to be the extension of Returnal.