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Starfield E3 Trailer Was Created Entirely In-Game


Starfield Updates: Starfield, Bethesda Game Studios’ long-awaited sci-fi RPG, debuted at E3 2021, giving us our first glimpse at the studio’s realistic depiction of our space-faring future. Details about starfield are few, but due to the reveal video, we now have a better idea of what to expect from the game.

Bethesda’s forthcoming single-player RPG set in space will be the company’s first new IP in 25 years, and it will be an epic about “hope and humanity,” according to studio chief Todd Howard.

The preview presented at E3 was produced fully in-engine with Creation Engine 2, according to an ArtStation post by the Starfield trailer’s lighting artist. A teaser trailer for Starfield was shown to the public at the Xbox and Bethesda Games Showcase at E3 2021, detailing the elements of what Todd Howard described as “Skyrim in space.”

A gorgeously drawn moon-like terrain and future technology in the shape of robots, weapons, and spacecraft are shown in the game’s teaser. While the trailer has a cinematic feel to it, it was discovered that no external tools were utilized to create it.


Unlike most previous cinematic trailers, the video presented at E3 was fully shot using the Creation Engine 2, with no extra tools used to improve the graphics, according to an ArtStation post by the trailer’s lighting artist Keith Beltramini only a few days after the trailer’s release.

Given that the new teaser was shot completely in Bethesda’s new game engine, it’s safe to say that not only is the innovation at the company’s disposal far more powerful given the new generation of gaming hardware but that there’s a talented team of game artists and developers using these tools to their full potential.

Here’s a link to the official teaser announcement of Starfield:

Starfield is going to release on November 11, 2020, which means there is still a little more time for gamers to jump into the game. It is also going to be an exclusive series on Xbox.

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